AFK Journey: Best Team for Fast Progression

Bilal |  Published: April 09, 2024

Discover the best meta team composition for fast progression through AFK Stages in AFK Journey with mostly F2P units.

Discover the ultimate team composition to swiftly progress through AFK Stages in AFK Journey. Pushing to higher AFK Stages is crucial for advancing quickly in the game, and this guide reveals the most effective team setup that players are using to achieve remarkable progression even with under-leveled heroes.

Best AFK Stage Progression Team

Your AFK Stage progression team comprises five heroes strategically chosen to maximize survivability and damage output:

BrutusAntandraSmokey &
AFK Journey BrutusAFK Journey AntandraAFK Journey Smokey & MeerkyAFK Journey KokoAFK Journey Cecia

Brutus and Antandra provide exceptional tankiness and survivability, while Smokey & Meerky and Koko contribute powerful healing and attack buffs. Cecia serves as the primary damage dealer, making this team well-rounded and formidable for pushing through challenging stages.

Tips for Progression

AFK Journey Tips
Image credit: Lilith Games

To optimize your team’s performance on each AFK Stage:

  1. Placement Strategy: Adjust hero positioning based on the enemy lineup and stage layout. Use the information button next to the enemy’s portrait to access stage details and watch recordings of successful battles to learn optimal hero configurations.
  2. Hero Acquisition: Obtain Brutus from the 7-day daily login rewards and aim to acquire Smokey & Meerky through rerolls or the battle pass. Cecia is typically obtained from the initial 10-pull, making her essential for this team composition.
  3. Adaptability: While certain heroes like Brutus and Cecia are core to this team, consider alternatives like Rowan for additional healing if Brutus is unavailable.

By leveraging this optimal team composition and strategic placement, along with insights from battle recordings, you can make significant progress through AFK Stages in AFK Journey.

Harness the power of this meta team to overcome challenges and advance swiftly in your AFK Journey!