AFK Journey Final Push Mechanic: AFK Stage Rewards Doubled

Bilal |  Published: April 29, 2024

Discover AFK Journey’s Final Push mechanic, designed to accelerate player progression and prepare for the upcoming season.

In AFK Journey, players across early servers have noticed a significant surge in Hero Essence, EXP, and Gold gains, nearly doubling their rewards. This surge isn’t a glitch but a deliberate introduction of the Final Push mechanic by AFK Journey’s developers, aiming to aid players in gearing up for the impending season – Song of Strife. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this newly implemented mechanic and how it can optimize player progression.

What is Final Push Mechanic?

AFK Journey Final Push Mechanic
Lilith Games

Final Push is a groundbreaking mechanic designed to boost player rewards from AFK Rewards and in-game activities dramatically. Its primary objective is to expedite player progression, allowing them to reach Resonance Level 240 and AFK Stage 1125, ensuring preparedness for the forthcoming season. This system has garnered praise from players for significantly enhancing account growth and overcoming previously challenging bottlenecks.

Accelerated Progression with Final Push

With Hero Essence serving as the gateway to higher Resonance Levels, players previously encountered hurdles in their progression journey. However, the advent of Final Push has transformed the landscape by doubling Hero Essence income. This influx has catalyzed accelerated growth, enabling players to surpass previous limitations and uncapping up to four or more heroes per day. The Final Push mechanic emerges as a boon for players seeking to re-engage with the game and gear up for the impending season, slated for later in May.

Final Push is a universal mechanic active for all players on a server, irrespective of their spending habits. This inclusivity ensures that every player can capitalize on the accelerated progression facilitated by Final Push. However, it’s essential to note that Final Push isn’t immediately available on all servers. It typically becomes active close to the one-month mark of a server’s creation, gradually rolling out to ensure all players are adequately prepared for the upcoming challenges presented in Song of Strife.


The introduction of Final Push heralds a new era of accelerated progression in AFK Journey, empowering players to propel their accounts to unprecedented heights. As players reap the benefits of increased rewards and overcome previous obstacles, anticipation mounts for the forthcoming season. Stay tuned as Final Push continues to revolutionize player experiences, ensuring a dynamic and engaging journey through AFK Journey’s captivating world.