AFK Journey New Season System Explained

Bilal |  Published: April 29, 2024

Explore the intricacies of AFK Journey’s Season system with our comprehensive guide. Learn about mechanics, duration and progression.

As AFK Journey evolves, the introduction of the Season system marks a pivotal shift in gameplay dynamics. Developed with the aim of providing ongoing excitement and longevity to the game, Seasons promises to redefine player experiences. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of AFK Journey’s Season system, exploring its mechanics, duration, progression, and anticipated impact on players.

Introducing Seasons in AFK Journey

AFK Journey New Season
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Seasons represent a dynamic mechanic envisioned by the developers to invigorate gameplay and sustain long-term interest in AFK Journey. With a focus on expanding the game’s main narrative and introducing novel activities, Seasons aims to offer a harmonious blend of permanent and seasonal progression systems. This approach ensures an inclusive gaming experience, catering to both free-to-play and paying users alike.

How Long will the Season be in AFK Journey?

AFK Journey’s Seasons are slated to endure approximately four months, with each server initiating Season gameplay on the 42nd day post-launch. This staggered rollout ensures that players across different servers embark on their Seasonal journey at varying times, injecting freshness and diversity into the gaming landscape. Throughout the four-month span, players can engage in Season activities, earning exclusive rewards and participating in special events designed to enhance their gameplay experience.

Exploring Season Progression

AFK Journey Soren and Alsa
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Seasonal progression in AFK Journey introduces a host of new features, heroes and mechanics, distinct from the game’s permanent progression framework. Notable elements include:

  • Season Resonance Level: Resetting with each Season, the Season Resonance Level serves as a key metric for gauging player advancement within the Seasonal context.
  • Season Hero Skills: During each Season, heroes acquire a unique seasonal skill, accessible upon reaching Season Resonance Level 51. These skills, exclusive to the Season, contribute to diversified gameplay strategies and tactics.
  • Season Class Equipment: Similarly, Season Class Equipment undergoes a reset at the onset of each Season, offering players fresh opportunities to optimize their hero loadouts.
  • Season Artifacts: With each new Season, players gain access to eight new Season Artifacts, obtainable through Season Journey and various in-game modes. These artifacts are exclusive to the current Season, adding depth and variety to gameplay.
  • Magic Charms: A novel addition to Season progression, Magic Charms offer players the chance to customize hero stats and abilities. Collecting Charms of varying qualities enables players to unlock special abilities and fine-tune hero performance, enhancing strategic depth and player engagement.


As AFK Journey embarks on this exciting journey of Seasons, players eagerly anticipate the unfolding narrative and the myriad opportunities for growth and exploration. With Seasons poised to inject new life into the game’s content, developers face the challenge of sustaining player interest and freshness over the extended duration of each Season. The introduction of the Temporal Nexus feature, allowing players to revisit past Seasons, adds an intriguing dimension to gameplay longevity. Overall, Seasons hold the promise of revitalizing AFK Journey’s gaming experience, offering players an immersive and ever-evolving journey through its captivating world.