How to Get to Dark Forest 5 Island in AFK Journey

Scarletrune |  Published: April 11, 2024

The enigmatic island awaits those brave enough to piece together the clues. This article shows you how to get to Dark Forest 5 Island in AFK Journey.

In the fantasy RPG game AFK Journey, there are many hidden areas waiting to be explored. One of the most elusive is the mysterious island located in Dark Forest 5. Here is how to unlock the island.

AFK Journey: How to Get to Dark Forest 5 Island

You have to follow the main story to get to this blocked-off spot, but it’s totally worth it to discover all the island’s secrets.

Step 1: Advance to Dark Forest 7

How to Get to Dark Forest 5 Island in AFK Journey Step 1
Lilith Games

To set foot on the shores of Dark Forest 5’s island, players must first make their way to Dark Forest 7.

Defeating the boss guarding the entrance to this new zone is key. Once inside Dark Forest 7, focus on completing the “Lucent’s Lament” quest line. This rewards the powerful Starshard Spell artifact. The team gets a speed and health boost, plus a powerful fiery ultimate attack with this artifact.

Next up is the “Check on Lucent Tree” mission, which upon completion grants the Ironwall Spell. This handy artifact increases haste and vitality, perfect for bolstering a tank character’s attributes. With these two quests finished, the path back to Dark Forest 5 Island will open.

Step 2: Unlocking the Island Bridge

How to Get to Dark Forest 5 Island in AFK Journey Step 2
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Armed with the Starshard and Ironwall Spells, return to the area of Dark Forest 5 where the inaccessible island awaits. Thanks to the newfound artifacts, a mechanism can now be activated to extend a bridge across to the island’s shores. Simply cross the newly-formed path to set foot on this previously unreachable landmass.

Exploring the Dark Forest 5 Island’s Depths

Exploring the Dark Forest 5 Island's Depths
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Now that the island of Dark Forest 5 has been unlocked, take time to fully discover everything it has to offer. From valuable treasures to challenging enemy encounters, this area is brimming with opportunities for daring adventurers. Thoroughly delving into the island also helps achieve 100% completion for the Dark Forest 5 zone as a whole.

By following the main story quest, acquiring the right artifacts, and venturing off the beaten path, players can uncover one of AFK Journey’s most intriguing hidden areas! Good luck!