How to Get Weapon Essence in AFK Journey

Bilal |  Published: June 02, 2024

Learn how to efficiently farm Weapon Essence in AFK Journey. Discover the best methods to gather Blue, Yellow, and Red Essences for upgrading your EX Weapons.

In AFK Journey, Weapon Essence is crucial for leveling up your EX Weapons and significantly enhancing your characters’ strength. Given the limited ways to farm Weapon Essence, players need to engage in daily gameplay to accumulate the necessary amounts for upgrades. This guide will outline the best methods to farm Blue (Tidal), Yellow (Temporal), and Red (Twilight) Weapon Essences and provide farming priorities to optimize your gameplay.

Best Weapon Essence Farming Strategies

AFK Journey Weapon Esssence Farming

1. Tidal Essence (Blue) Farming

Tidal Essence is essential for upgrading your EX Weapons up to +5. Here are the best ways to farm Tidal Essence:

  • Dream Realm: Ranking high in the Dream Realm provides a steady supply of Tidal Essence. Engage in this game mode regularly to maximize your earnings.
  • Guild Chest Exclusive Equipment Resource: Collect your weekly rewards from the guild chest, which often includes Tidal Essence.
  • Legend Trials: Clearing Legend Trials is another reliable source of Tidal Essence. Make it a daily priority to participate in these trials.
  • Emporium: If you run out of Tidal Essence, you can purchase up to 40 units for 300 Diamonds per 10 units from the Emporium. This option should be used sparingly, primarily for Mythic+ characters who significantly benefit from a +5 EX Weapon, such as Cecia, Thoran, or Scarlita.

2. Temporal Essence (Yellow) Farming

Temporal Essence is required for upgrading EX Weapons up to +15, unlocking unique EX Skill effects. Here’s how to farm Temporal Essence effectively:

  • Dream Realm: Aim to be in the top 100 in the Dream Realm and participate in any Seasonal Dream Realm events.
  • Arena: Achieve rank-ups in the Arena to earn Temporal Essence.
  • Guild Chest Exclusive Equipment Resource: Similar to Tidal Essence, collect your weekly rewards from the guild chest.
  • Legend Trials: Consistently clear Legend Trials to accumulate Temporal Essence.

Unlike Tidal Essence, Temporal Essence cannot be purchased directly, making it crucial to focus on these game modes to gather the necessary amounts.

3. Twilight Essence (Red) Farming

Twilight Essence is primarily used for upgrading EX Weapons beyond +15. It’s less of a priority early on but valuable for endgame content:

  • Twilight Tower: Participate in high-level endgame content like the Twilight Tower to earn Twilight Essence.
  • Arena Champions and Supreme Arena: Achieving high ranks, particularly in the top 1,500 of the Supreme Arena, will reward you with Twilight Essence.
  • Seasonal Dream Realm: Ranking in the top 500 of the Seasonal Dream Realm can also provide Twilight Essence.

While the raw stat boosts from Twilight Essence are beneficial in the deep endgame, it’s not worth actively farming early on due to the high costs and limited immediate benefits.

Daily and Weekly Farming Routine

AFK Journey Dream Realm
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To efficiently farm Weapon Essence, incorporate the following activities into your daily and weekly routine:

  • Daily: Participate in Dream Realm, Arena, Supreme Arena, complete Guild Quests, and clear Legend Trials and Twilight Tower floors.
  • Weekly: Collect rewards from the Guild Chest and ensure you’re ranking high in the Dream Realm and Arena.


Farming Weapon Essence in AFK Journey requires consistent daily engagement with various game modes. Prioritize Tidal and Temporal Essences, as they are crucial for early and mid-game EX Weapon upgrades. While Twilight Essence is valuable for endgame progression, it should be a secondary focus until you have the resources to use it effectively. By following this guide, you can optimize your farming strategy and keep your characters powerful and prepared for any challenge.