Destiny 2: Best Prismatic Hunter Build

Bilal |  Published: June 06, 2024

Discover the best Prismatic build in Destiny 2 with our comprehensive guide, featuring the ultimate Hunter setup for invisibility and high damage.

Guardians, the Final Shape expansion for Destiny 2 is almost here, and with it comes the exciting new Prismatic subclass for each character. The changes to verbs, keywords, interactions, fragments, subclasses, abilities, and aspects have led to the creation of powerful new builds. Here’s a guide to the best Prismatic build for Hunters, which focuses on maximizing invisibility and melee damage.

Best Hunter Prismatic Build Overview

This build combines the strongest elements from various Hunter builds, creating a synergistic masterpiece. The primary focus is on staying invisible as much as possible while dealing massive melee damage. This is achieved by using aspects and fragments that enhance melee abilities and provide multiple ways to go invisible or distract enemies.

Key Components

destiny 2 Prismatic Hunter Build

Subclass: Prismatic
Super: Golden Gun
Class Exotic: Assassin’s Cowl
Melee: Combination Blow, Frenzy Blade
Grenade: Grapple Grenade
Aspects: Threaded Spectre, Stylus Executioner
Fragments: Facet of Bravery, Facet of Dawn, Facet of Protection, Facet of Purpose

Abilities and Gameplay Loop

The core mechanics revolve around cycling melees and dodges to stay invisible and boost melee damage. Here’s how it works:

  1. Combination Blow and Gambler’s Dodge: Cycle between dodging and meleeing to maintain endless melee abilities and increase melee damage.
  2. Threaded Spectre and Grapple Grenade: Use these for powered melee attacks and creating decoys that distract enemies and spawn threadlings.
  3. Stylus Executioner: While invisible from Stylus Executioner, melees deal an extra 150% damage. This stacks with Combination Blow for up to 463% increased melee damage.

Fragments for Enhancement

  • Facet of Bravery: Take less damage when surrounded.
  • Facet of Dawn: Gain Radiant for weapons on melee kills.
  • Facet of Protection: Gain Restoration on orb pickup.
  • Facet of Purpose: Gain Unraveling Rounds and Volatile Rounds for weapons.

Exotic Gear and Stats

Assassin’s Cowl is essential for gaining invisibility on powered melee kills and finishers. The aim is to maximize Resilience and Strength to ensure survivability and frequent melee usage.

  • Assassin’s Cowl: Provides invisibility and health regeneration on melee kills and finishers.
  • Golden Gun: Chosen for its ability to shred high-value targets and provide Restoration on orb pickup.

Weapons and Enhancements

Void and Strand weapons are crucial for this build. Void weapons can proc Volatile Rounds, and Strand weapons can proc Unraveling Rounds, enhancing your damage and invisibility mechanics. Ensure your weapons can trigger elemental debuffs to benefit from Stylus Executioner’s damage bonus.


This Hunter Prismatic build offers incredible ad-clearing potential, survivability through Restoration and invisibility, and substantial damage output during DPS phases with Golden Gun. For maximum effectiveness, aim to get the class exotic with Spirit of Assassin and Synthoceps, boosting melee damage to 765%. This build is versatile and powerful, making it perfect for various content from Raids to Strikes and beyond.