Destiny 2 The Final Shape: How to Get Ergo Sum Exotic Sword

Kyuma |  Published: June 05, 2024

Discover how to obtain the Ergo Sum Exotic sword and master the Destined Heroes quest in Destiny 2 The Final Shape expansion.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape expansion introduces a new Exotic sword called Ergo Sum. This unique weapon can be obtained by completing the Destined Heroes quest, which becomes available after finishing the main campaign. In this guide, players will learn how to acquire Ergo Sum and navigate through the various steps of the Destined Heroes quest.

How to Get Ergo Sum in Destiny 2?

How to Get Ergo Sum in Destiny 2?
Image Credits: Bungie

To get the Ergo Sum Exotic sword, players must first complete The Final Shape campaign. Once the campaign is finished, the Destined Heroes quest will be unlocked. Completing this quest will reward players with Ergo Sum. Additionally, players can obtain different perk rolls for the sword by completing their Pathfinder card each week.

Destined Heroes Quest Steps

The Destined Heroes quest consists of several steps that players must complete to obtain Ergo Sum. Here is a breakdown of the quest steps:

  1. Listen to the strange radio transmission in the old Tower.
  2. Start the Destined Heroes mission.
  3. Complete Queens, I.
  4. Speak to Micah at Micah’s Conduit.
  5. Speak to Cayde-6 in the Lost City.
  6. Speak to Ghost in the Lost City.
  7. Obtain the “Lost in the Light” and “Found in the Dark” quests from Ghost.
  8. Complete “Lost in the Light” and “Found in the Dark” quests.
  9. Complete Queens, II.
  10. Claim your fate and obtain Ergo Sum.

Ergo Sum Perks and Catalyst

Ergo Sum is a unique Exotic sword that always comes with the Transcendent Duelist Intrinsic Trait, which grants increased damage while Transcendent and extends Transcendence duration on defeats.

The sword also has a randomized perk pool, including traits such as Gathering Light, Wolfpack Rounds, Sacred Flame, The Perfect Fifth, Arc Conductor, Stormbringer, Unplanned Reprieve, and Insectoid Robot Grenades.

Currently, Ergo Sum does not have a Catalyst available in-game. However, data miners have discovered a Catalyst for the sword in the game files, suggesting that it will be added in a future update.