Dragon’s Dogma 2: Convergence Quest Guide

Suki |  Published: April 10, 2024

Find out how to complete the Convergence quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2 in this detailed guide. We’ll explain all you need to know!

If you are doing the main questline in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will find yourself in the Convergence quest. This quest will challenge your pathfinding and combat capabilities. This guide covers all you need to know to complete the Convergence quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Convergence Quest Guide

dragon's dogma 2 convergence

The Convergence quest begins immediately after the conclusion of the Flickering Shadows quest. Once you have successfully navigated through the events of Flickering Shadows, the Convergence quest will be automatically assigned to you, guiding you towards your next objective.

Follow these steps to complete the Convergence quest:

Step 1: Go Into the Stormwind Cave

dragon's dogma 2 convergence
Capcom /GameWitted

The Convergence quest takes you to the Stormwind Cave, where a new path has opened, leading you to a set of mysterious ruins. As you make your way through the dimly lit cavern, be wary of the Saurians and Rattlers that inhabit the area.

Ensure that your lantern is fully fueled and your equipment enhanced, as the darkness within the cave can be a formidable challenge.

Step 2: Find the Ruins

dragon's dogma 2 convergence
Capcom /GameWitted

In the Stormwind Cave, there are a couple of intersections that might make you lost your way. Follow the path that we have provided in the image to find the ruins in the Stormwind Cave.

Step 3: Talk with Rothais

dragon's dogma 2 convergence

Once you reach the ruins, a cutscene will play, introducing you to Rothais, the founding Sovran of Vermund.

Rothais will present you with the Dulled Godsbane Blade, tasking you to venture to Battahl, where the blade’s true power can be unleashed through the region’s powerful magic.

Convergence Quest Rewards

Completing the Convergence quest will reward you with:

  • 4,000 XP
  • 15,000 Gold
  • Dulled Godsbane Blade

In addition, the successful completion of this quest will unlock further progression in the game’s main storyline, leading you deeper into the captivating world of Dragon’s Dogma 2.

The Convergence quest is directly linked to the Flickering Shadows quest, which precedes it, and the A New Godsway quest, which follows it. It is important to keep track of the narrative flow as you go through these interconnected quests.