Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2: Cerberus’ Snapshot Quests Guide

ruekuma |  Published: April 25, 2024

A complete guide for all 9 stages of the Cerberus Snapshot quests in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, including artifact locations and boss battles.

The latest season of Fortnite has brought a new set of challenges called the Cerberus Snapshot quests. These tasks, part of the game’s ongoing story, send you on a scavenger hunt for a mysterious artifact. This guide will break down the steps to complete all the Cerberus Snapshot quests in Fortnite.

Fortnite Cerberus Snapshot Quests Guide

Use a Scrying Pool to speak with Cerberus
Perfect Score /Gamewitted

Before you can begin the quests, you’ll need to find one of the four Scrying Pools located across the Fortnite island map.

Use the pool to initiate a conversation with Cerberus himself, who will set you on your artifact recovery mission. The Scrying Pool locations are:

  • West of The Underworld POI
  • Northwest of Reckless Railways
  • Southwest of Pleasant Piazza
  • At the Mount Olympus POI

With Cerberus’ instructions in hand, you’re ready to dive into the 9 quest stages:

Quest 1: Use a Scrying Pool to speak with Cerberus

As noted above, approach any of the four Scrying Pools and interact with it to receive Cerberus’ call for help recovering the lost artifact.

Quest 2: Eliminate anything to see if they took the Artifact

Eliminate anything to see if they took the Artifact
Perfect Score /Gamewitted

For this stage, you must eliminate a total of 20 enemies from around the island. This could include other player characters, hostile NPCs like IO Guards, wildlife like chickens or frogs, or any combination thereof.

Take your time systematically clearing out enemies until you hit the 20-elimination target.

Quest 3: Artifact Scavenger Hunt

Cerberus will provide three clues pointing to areas where he may have left behind the powerful artifact. Each clue corresponds to a different dig site:

Part 1: “Did I leave it under the windmill with a view of the Styx?”

Make your way to The Other Windmill landmark just south of Lavish Lair. This windmill overlooks the River Styx running through the map.

Look for a glowing mound of dirt and dirt to dig up Cerberus’ Spear.

Part 2: “Maybe on a grassy island in the center of everything?”

Dig up the Artifact on the island
Perfect Score /Gamewitted

The second clue refers to the small island south of the large central island with the Earth Shrine. It sits right in the middle of the main lake on the map.

Dig at the glowing spot to find Cerberus’ Dog toy.

Part 3: “I left it near the snow, where people bury yummy bones too…”

This riddle points you to The Cemetery area behind a house north of Reckless Railways.

Search for the glowing dig spot in this snowy graveyard area to unearth Cerberus’ Winged Shoes.

Unfortunately, the artifact is not located at any of these places. But you’ll need to revisit the items found later.

Quest 4: Defeat Ares and Zeus (Optional)

An optional step where Cerberus speculates the gods Ares and Zeus may have taken the real artifact. You can choose to seek them out and defeat them, but it is not required to progress.

Quest 5: Use a Scrying Pool to speak with Hades

After the scavenger hunt, return to any Scrying Pool and interact with it to receive new instructions from Hades, the ruler of the underworld.

Quest 6: Defeat Cerberus to gain his tracking abilities

Defeat Cerberus to gain his tracking abilities
Perfect Score /Gamewitted

Hades directs you to the Grim Gate POI to take on Cerberus himself in battle. Begin the encounter by interacting with the altar at Grim Gate, which will trigger Cerberus to appear.

This multi-phase boss fight is incredibly challenging, with Cerberus utilizing powerful attacks and abilities. But defeating him is the only way to gain his superior artifact-tracking skills.

Stage 7: Follow the scent and collect the Artifact

Follow the scent of and collect the Artifact
Perfect Score /Gamewitted

With Cerberus’ tracking powers unlocked, make your way to the Pleasant Piazza POI. Here you’ll discover a visible scent trail to follow, marked by yellow smoke puffs and waypoint icons.

The trail will lead you through multiple locations until you finally arrive at the real artifact’s location – a massive Tennis Ball object inside a building.

Stage 8: Return the Artifact to Cerberus’ Dog House

Return the Artifact to Cerberus’ Dog House
Perfect Score /Gamewitted

The final navigation challenge requires you to bring the newly recovered Tennis Ball artifact back to Cerberus’ literal dog house at the Grim Gate location.

Approach the marked dog house pedestal to return the artifact.

Stage 9: Use a Scrying Pool to speak with The Oracle

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 Cerberus Snapshot Quests
Perfect Score /Gamewitted

After returning Cerberus’ treasured artifact, make one last trip to any Scrying Pool on the island.

Initiate a conversation with The Oracle to not only complete the Cerberus Snapshot quest chain but also claim your exclusive Cerberus Insignia Spray cosmetic reward!

Completing every required stage of this epic Fortnite quest line will earn you a total of 90,000 XP to go towards your Season 2 Battle Pass.

While some steps have riddles to decipher, this guide lays out every location and objective in Fortnite Cerberus Snapshot Quests in detail. Power through Cerberus’ challenges for great rewards!