How to Complete All Water Chakra Quests in Fortnite

ruekuma |  Published: April 13, 2024

Discover all the challenges in the Water Chakra quests in the Fortnite Avatar Elements event and how to complete them here.

The Fortnite Avatar Elements event is in full swing and many aim to unlock the Appa Glider. To achieve this, you must complete a series of quests across different Chakras, starting with the Water Chakra. In this article, we’ll walk you through all the Water Chakra quests in Fortnite and show you how to complete them.

All Water Chakra Quests in Fortnite and How to Complete Them

In Fortnite, there are six quests in the Water Chakra, focusing on different water-themed challenges like dealing damage with Waterbending and receiving passive healing. Let’s explore each quest and how to finish them.

1. Visit an Elemental Shrine

Visit an Elemental Shrine
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To finish this task, you need to go to one of the eight Elemental Shrines spread across the Fortnite map. These shrines are located in specific areas:

Elemental ShrineLocation
FireNorth of Rebel’s Roost
East of Snooty Steppes
EarthSouth of Pleasant Piazza
East of Restored Reels
WaterSouth of Classy Courts
East of Grand Glacier
AirNorth of Grand Glacier
North of Brawler’s Battleground
Elemental Shrines Location in Fortnite

Simply travel to one of these locations and interact with the Elemental Shrine to complete the quest.

2. Deal Damage to Opponents with Waterbending

Deal damage to opponents with Waterbending
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For this quest, players need to deal 1,000 damage to opponents using the Mythic Waterbending item.

Equip the Mythic Waterbending scroll and start launching icicles at your enemies until you reach the 1,000 damage threshold.

3. Land on Water from the Bus

Land on water from the battle bus
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This is a straightforward task. When jumping from the Battle Bus, aim for any body of water on the map and land in it.

You’ll need to complete this challenge twice to finish the quest.

4. Receive Passive Healing with Waterbending by Entering Water

Receive passive healing with Waterbending by entering the water
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The Mythic Waterbending item provides passive healing when you enter water.

Find the scroll, equip it, and enter any body of water. You’ll start regenerating 5 health per second, and you need a total of 25 health regenerated to complete the quest.

5. Destroy a Cabbage Cart

Destroy a cabbage cart
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Cabbage carts can be found scattered around the Fortnite map. Locate and destroy one of these Cabbage carts to complete this quest.

6. Restore Shields

To finish this final Water Chakra quest, you’ll need to restore 500 shields. You can do this by consuming various shield-restoring items, such as Small Shield Potions, Shield Potions, Chug Splashes, and more.

By completing these six Water Chakra quests in Fortnite, you’ll earn a significant amount of Chi, bringing you closer to unlocking the Appa Glider and other rewards in the Fortnite Avatar Elements event.


  • Where can I find the Mythic Waterbending item?
    • The Mythic Waterbending scroll can be found as loot around the map, or it may be available in certain in-game events or locations.
  • How do I unlock the rewards tracks in the Elements mini-pass?
    • The first rewards track unlocks for free, while the Premium Rewards track, requires upgrading your pass for 1000 V-Bucks.
  • What are the benefits of unlocking the Premium Rewards track?
    • The Premium Rewards track offers additional exclusive cosmetic items and rewards compared to the free track.