All Exteriors in Stellar Blade & How to Get Them

Scarletrune |  Published: April 26, 2024

This detailed article will show you all of the Exteriors available in Stellar Blade, including how to unlock and get them.

Stellar Blade offers a variety of cosmetic items called Exteriors that allow players to customize protagonist Eve’s appearance. So far, these Exteriors include Nano Suits, Face Decorations, and Earrings.

Note: We will keep updating this article as soon as the game is officially released.

All Exteriors in Stellar Blade

All Exteriors in Stellar Blade
Shift Up Corp

Nano Suits are the primary category of Exteriors in Stellar Blade. These outfits not only change Eve’s appearance but also provide unique descriptions that hint at their origins or purpose. Here is the breakdown for all of the Nano Suits Exteriors available in Stellar Blade:

ExteriorFrontHow to Unlock
Black Full DressSB Black Full DressBuy from Lyle in Xion
Black PearlSB Black PearlCollect all 49 cans in Xion
Black RoseSB Black RoseAvailable on the Precious Treasure bulletin board
Black WaveSB Black WaveAvailable in the Precious Treasure bulletin board
Blue MonsoonSB Blue MonsoonComplete the puzzle in the northeastern of the map
Cyber MagicianSB Cyber MagicianAvailable on the Precious Treasure bulletin board
Cybernetic BondageSB Cybernetic BondageInside the chest in the Oasis pool
Cybernetic DressSB Cybernetic DressBuy from Roxanne in Xion
Daily BikerSB Daily BikerBuy from Lyle in Xion
Daily DenimSB Daily DenimBuy from Lyle in Xion
Daily ForceSB Daily ForceOn a narrow walkway in Matrix 11
Daily Knitted DressSB Daily Knitted DressInside the train in Matrix 11
Daily MascotSB Daily MascotInside a crate at the sewer section in Matrix 11
Daily SailorSB Daily SailorClose to the Twin Rocks camp
Fluffy BearSB Fluffy BearComplete the Memories of the Doll side quest 
Holiday RabbitSB Holiday RabbitIn the east of Scrapyard
Junk MechanicSB Junk MechanicBuy from Lyle in Xion
Keyhole DressSB Keyhole DressBuy from Roxanne in Xion
La Vie en RoseSB La Vie en RoseSolve the puzzle on the bulletin board
MotivationSB Motivation On top of the first building in Eidos 9
Moutan PeonySB Moutan PeonyBuy from Roxanne in Xion
Ocean MaidSB Ocean MaidCatch every type of fish in the Oasis
Orca EngineerSB Orca EngineerDefeat Belial
Orca Exploration SuitSB Orca Exploration SuitBuy from Roxanne in Xion
Planet Diving Suit (2nd)Stellar Blade Planet Diving Suit 2nd FrontDefeat Abaddon
Planet Diving Suit (7th)Stellar Blade Planet Diving Suit 7th FrontBy default
Planet Diving Suit (7th) V2SB Planet Diving Suit 7th V2In a crate after riding the monorail in Eidos 7
Prototype Planet Diving SuitSB Prototype Planet Diving SuitBuy from Roxanne in Xion
Punk TopSB Punk TopOn the ledge in Eidos 9
Racer’s HighStellar Blade Racer's High FrontDefeat Abaddon
Raven SuitSB Raven SuitUnlocked from New Game+
Red PassionSB Red PassionAt the construction site in Eidos 7
Skin SuitStellar Blade Skin Suit FrontBy default
Sky AceSB SKy AceComplete the Encounter side quest
The Crew StyleSB The Crew styleUnlocked from New Game+
Sporty YellowSB Sporty YellowDefeat Brute
Wasteland AdventurerStellar Blade Wasteland Adventurer FrontDefeat Abaddon

To change Eve’s outfit, players can navigate to the Equipment menu and select the Nano Suits option under Exterior. From there, they can choose from their available Nano Suits to equip.

The most notable Exterior of Nano Suits is the Skin Suit. To get this, you just need to remove the Nano Suit you are currently wearing. This suit is described as a living skin crafted by Mother Sphere, covering the Airborne Squad Member’s body and adapting to different situations.

However, please note that wearing the Skin Suit comes with a significant drawback: it disables Eve’s shields, making her more vulnerable to damage.

Face Decorations and Earrings

In addition to Nano Suits, Stellar Blade also features Face Decorations, Drones, and Earrings as cosmetic Exteriors. These items allow players to further customize Eve’s appearance and express their personal style.

ExteriorTypeImageHow to Unlock
Cat’s Eye GlassesFace DecorationSB Cat's EyeBuy from D1g-g2r in Wasteland
Classic Round GlassesFace DecorationSB Classic Round GlassesBuy from D1g-g2r in Wasteland and Pre-Order Pack
Half-Rim GlassesFace DecorationSB Half-Rim GlassesDeluxe Edition Pack
Laboratory GogglesFace DecorationSB Laboratory GogglesBuy from D1g-g2r in Wasteland
Oval Horn-Rimmed GlassesFace DecorationSB Oval Horn-Rimmed GlassesBuy from D1g-g2r in Wasteland
Square-Framed GlassesFace DecorationStellar Blade Squared Framed GlassesDefeat Abaddon
Armored PackDroneArmored Pack DroneIn a chest near a camp in Eidos 7
Stargazer PackDroneStargazer Pack DroneDeluxe Edition Pack
Tactical PackDroneTactical Pack DroneBy default
Crimson TearEarringSB Crimson TearIn the back corner of Construction Site area in Eidos 7
Cybernetic ToothEarringStellar Blade Cybernetic ToothDefeat Abaddon
Ear ArmorEarringSB Ear ArmorBuy from Kaya at Sisters’ Junk store
Fusion LightEarringSB Fusion LightBuy from Kaya at Sisters’ Junk store
Quadruple RectangleEarringSB Quadruple Rectangle
Deluxe Edition Pack
Radial PendulumEarringSB Radial PendulumBuy from Kaya at Sisters’ Junk store
Sun DropEarringSB Sun DropBuy from Kaya at Sisters’ Junk store

How to Unlock and Get Exteriors in Stellar Blade

How to Unlock and Get Exteriors in Stellar Blade
Shift Up Corp

As Stellar Blade is still a highly anticipated upcoming release, information on how to unlock most Exteriors remains unknown. However, it’s likely that players will be able to get these items through various ways, such as:

  • Progressing through the story
  • Completing specific challenges
  • Purchasing them using in-game currency

With its diverse range of Exteriors (Shift Up revealed that Eve will have more than 30 outfits in total), Stellar Blade offers players the opportunity to create a unique look for Eve while exploring the game’s sci-fi world.

As more information about these cosmetic items becomes available, players can look forward to discovering new ways to customize their experience and make Eve truly their own!