All Human Challenges in Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Scarletrune |  Published: June 06, 2024

In this detailed guide, you will find out all the human challenges you need to tackle in Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

In Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game, you can take on the role of human survivors fighting against the creepy alien Klown invaders. To fully master the human experience, there are various challenges to complete across various categories.

From the basic mechanics to specialized playstyles, let’s explore all the human challenges and how to complete them!

All Human Challenges in Killer Klowns from Outer Space

In Killer Klowns from Outer Space, there are more than a hundred challenges available for you to complete. They are divided into human and Klown challenges, which again are divided into categories too.

Now we are going to look at all the human challenges first. Here is the complete list:

Human Basics

All Human Challenges in Killer Klowns from Outer Space

The Human Basics challenges serve as an introduction to the core gameplay mechanics. Completing these challenges will reward you with cosmetic items and emotes. There are 8 challenges you need to do to get some rewards in the Human Basics category:

Complete 5 Escape InteractionsLavender Kiss Lips
Kill 3 KlownsBlack and White Stripe Tee
Consume 5 Energy Drinks Ruby Lips
Kill 5 LackeysDeep Midnight Eyeshadow
Clear 300 Cotton Candy from ObjectivesBrown Fresh Pressed Jeans
Find 3 Meeting PointsDark Green Collared Shirt and Sweater
Discover 10 Other HumansGet Down Emote
Loot 50 ContainersI See You Emote

Teenage Angst

Teenage Angst Human Challenges in Killer Klowns from Outer Space

In the Teenage Angst category, you are encouraged to do quick thinking and agility, embodying the spirit of a rebellious teenager. There are a total of 6 challenges in this category:

As an Athletic Archetype, Escape 5 InvasionsBeret Accessory
Escape 3 Cocoons with a KnifeBucket Hat Accessory
Hit 5 Klown Noses with Thrown ObjectsWindbreaker
Consume 10 Energy DrinksScrunchie Spout Hair
Loot 100 ContainersCasual Pants
Complete 5 Perfect Escape based InteractionsTeen B Masculine Voice

Punk’s Revenge

Punk's Revenge Human Challenges in Killer Klowns from Outer Space

The Punk’s Revenge challenges require you to embrace the punk ideology of defiance and chaos, rewarding bold and unconventional cosmetics when you complete the tasks.

As a Rebellious Archetype, Kill 5 LackeysBig’Hawk Hair
Knock 10 Klowns DownPunk B Masculine Voice
Hit 5 Klown Heads with Thrown BricksChaos Couture Top
Unlock a Gated Exit 5 TimesBlack and Gold Tight Tartan
Stun 3 Klowns with an AirhornCutoff Shorts
Hurl Yourself through 10 Unbroken WindowsMost Pit Punk Tee

Heroic Cop


As a Heroic Archetype, you must embody the role of a brave law enforcement officer in the Heroic Cop challenges. These challenges prioritize selflessness and a commitment to protecting others.

As a Heroic Archetype, Kill 5 Klowns with RevolversStarling Ponytail Hair
Resurrect 15 HumansCop B Feminine Voice
Rescue 8 Humans from CocoonsPatrol Hat
Knock 5 Cocoons out of Klowns’ HandsDark Brown Officer Pants
Clear 600 Cotton Candy Blocking ObjectivesTop Cop Jacket
Knock 3 Lackeys Off of Other HumansPatrol Shorts

Escaping the Invasion

Escaping the Invasion Human Challenges in Killer Klowns from Outer Space

The Escaping the Invasion challenges focus on the various methods of escaping the Klown onslaught. These challenges emphasize teamwork and strategic planning.

Help Destroy the Gated Exit Barrier 8 TimesRed and Black Tight Tartan
Install 30 Spark Plugs into Escape ObjectivesBlack Denim Biker Jeans
Assist in the Escape of 25 Other HumansPurple Hair Tint
Escape the Invasion with the Help of the Terenzi Brothers 10 TimesRoyale Sunglasses
Execute 25 Perfect Skill ChecksLavender Eyeshadow
Escape with 10 Humans on the Same BoatsChild Of The Moon Lips

Resourceful Rednecks

Resourceful Rednecks Human Challenges in Killer Klowns from Outer Space

In the Resourceful Rednecks category, the challenges showcase the resourcefulness and grit of rural survivors.

As a Resourceful Archetype, Install 10 Spark PlugsChurch Hat
Kill 8 Klowns with ShotgunsSleeveless Overalls
Kill 5 Lackeys with AxesLongstocking Braids Hair
Knock Down 5 Klowns with WrenchesThe Macmullet Hair
Completely fill 10 Gas TanksFarmkeeping Jeans
Knock 3 Klowns Down with a Tree Branch Red Southern Belle Skirt

Human Savior

Human Savior Human Challenges in Killer Klowns from Outer Space

The Human Savior challenges will task you with rescuing and resurrecting fellow survivors. These challenges emphasize the importance of teamwork in the face of overwhelming odds.

Free 25 Humans from CocoonsTop Cop Pants
Resurrect 30 HumansCop B Feminine Voice
Gift 10 Items to Players as a SpectatorDark Navy Leather Jacket
Rescue 5 Humans from Cocoons Hooked Up to Lackey GeneratorsWindsor Bug Sunglasses
Allow 15 Humans to Escape through a Klown Portal You are HoldingPure Sweetness Eyeshadow
Allow 10 Humans to Escape into a Bomb Shelter You OpenedCotton Candy Eyeshadow

British Bikers

British Bikers Human Challenges in Killer Klowns from Outer Space

As a Tough Archetype in the British Bikers category, you must use a bold and aggressive playstyle, showcasing the raw power of the biker archetype.

As the Tough Archetype, kill 5 Brawler KlownsBiker Helmet
Kill 30 LackeysSpeedy Greaser
Escape from 5 Cocoons Using a Fire PokerTurbo Vest
Knock a Klown Down 10 Times While WoundedDark Grey Biker Jeans
Turn on 15 Noise DistractionsRiding Leathers
Hit Klowns with 25 Charged Melee AttacksBrown Leather Jacket

Combat Expert

Combat Expert Human Challenges in Killer Klowns from Outer Space

The Combat Expert challenges require proficiency in various weapons and tactics.

Kill 25 Klowns with Melee WeaponsPlain Slacks
Kill 25 Klowns with FirearmsLight Grey Officer Pants
Stun 30 Klowns with Thrown ObjectsDark Green and Grey Classic Flannel
Down 20 Klowns with Blunt Melee WeaponsPink Hair Tint
Kill 10 Lackeys with Firearm HeadshotsMagnum Sunglasses
Finish Off 15 Klowns that Other Humans Have Knocked DownThe Joey Hair

Elite Human

Finally, the Elite Human challenges are unlocked when all other categories have been completed. Completing the Elite Human challenges cement a player’s status as the ultimate survivor.

Completing all the human challenges in Killer Klowns from Outer Space is though but very rewarding. By mastering each category and archetype, you will unlock many cosmetic rewards and gain an understanding of the game’s mechanics. So gear up, stay alert, and show those Klowns what humanity can do!