Best MP7 Loadout in XDefiant: All Attachments and Stats

Kyuma |  Published: May 26, 2024

Discover the best MP7 loadout in XDefiant. Learn about the perfect attachments and alternative builds.

XDefiant offers a wide range of customization options for weapons, and the MP7 is no exception. After extensive testing and experimentation, we have come up with an optimal MP7 loadout that can give players a significant advantage in the game.

This build focuses on maximizing the MP7’s time-to-kill potential while also enhancing movement speed, allowing for quick maneuvering and dodging enemy fire. Let’s dive into the details of this game-changing MP7 loadout.

Best MP7 Build for XDefiant

Best MP7 Loadout in XDefiant
Image Credits: GameWitted

The key components of this MP7 build are as follows:

  1. Muzzle: Muzzle Booster – Provides a 2.5% rate of fire increase, which may seem small but makes a noticeable difference when combined with other attachments.
  2. Barrel: Rapid Fire Barrel – Adds another 5% rate of fire increase, bringing the total rate of fire boost to 7.5%.
  3. Front Rail: Leather Wrapped – Offers the highest ADS (Aim Down Sight) walking speed bonus at 15%, allowing for faster movement while aiming.
  4. Optic: None – Skipping an optic attachment frees up space for other movement speed-enhancing attachments. The MP7’s iron sights are usable enough.
  5. Magazine: None – Surprisingly, a magazine attachment is not necessary for this build. Reloading when needed and utilizing the cover effectively negates the need for a larger magazine capacity.
  6. Stock: Lightweight Stock – Further increases ADS walking speed, complementing the Level Wrap attachment.
Equipment NameStats
Muzzle: Muzzle Booster+2.5% Rate of Fire
-10% Horizontal Recoil Control
-10% Vertical Recoil Control
Barrel: Rapid Fire Barrel +5% Rate of Fire
-20% Horizontal Recoil Control
-20% Vertical Recoil Control
Front Rail: Leather Wrapped +15% ADS Walking Speed
+10% ADS Stability
-10% ADS Speed
-5% Spring-Shoot Time
Optic: None
Magazine: None
Stock: Lightweight Stock+20% ADS Walking Speed
+2.5% Movement Speed
-20% ADS Stability
-10% ADS Speed
Best MP7 Build for XDefiant

The combination of these attachments results in a highly mobile and lethal MP7 build. The increased rate of fire from the Muzzle Booster and Rapid Fire Barrel significantly improves the MP7’s time-to-kill, while the Leather Wrapped and Lightweight Stock ensures fast movement speed.

Alternative MP7 Builds

For players who prefer a different playstyle, there are a couple of alternative MP7 builds to consider:

  1. Close-Range Hip Fire Build: This build prioritizes hip fire accuracy and movement speed for close-quarters combat. It includes the Muzzle Booster, Lightweight Barrel, Removed Stock, Laser Sight, and Quick Mag attachments.
  2. Long-Range Damage Build: Designed for players who find themselves engaging enemies at slightly longer ranges, this build focuses on extending the MP7’s effective range. It features the Barrel Extender, Chrome Lined Barrel, Angled Grip, Reflex Sight, and Quick Mag attachments.