Current LoL Champion and Skin Sale (June 4)

Kyuma |  Published: June 04, 2024

Discover the best champion and skin deals in League of Legends for June 4th. Unlock new champions and skins at unbeatable prices.

League of Legends offers players the chance to expand their champion pool and enhance their gaming experience with weekly champion and skin sales. These sales provide an opportunity to acquire champions and skins at discounted prices.

This article will highlight the current champion and skin deals available for June 4th.

Current LoL Champion Sale

Current LoL Champion Sale June 4
Image Credits: GameWitted

The following table showcases the champions currently on sale:

ChampionDiscountSale Price
Zyra60%528 RP
Gwen50%440 RP
Quinn55%484 RP
Camille60%528 RP
Rammus50%292 RP
Current LoL Champion Sale

Players can take advantage of these discounts to unlock new champions and explore different playstyles. Zyra, Gwen, Quinn, Camille, and Rammus are all available at reduced prices, ranging from 50% to 60% off their original cost.

Current LoL Champion Sale (Splashart)


Zyra League of Legends
Image Credits: Riot Games


Gwen League of Legends
Image Credits: Riot Games


Quinn League of Legends
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Camille LoL
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Rammus LoL
Image Credits: Riot Games

Current LoL Skin Sale (June 4)

In addition to champion sales, League of Legends also offers discounts on various champion skins. The following table lists the skins currently on sale:

SkinDiscountSale Price
Renata Glasc La Ilusiòn30%944 RP
Beast Hunter Draven55%337 RP
Tranquility Dragon Karma30%944 RP
Shan Hai Scrolls Lillia25%1012 RP
Soul Fight Naafiri30%944 RP
Program Lissandra60%54 RP
Ionia Master Yi50%487 RP
Freljord Sylas55%607 RP
Infernal Shen55%675 RP
Shockblade Kassadin50%675 RP
Blood Moon Jhin60%810 RP
French Maid Nidalee60%208 RP
Sherwood Ashe65%208 RP
Ocean Song Zeri50%675 RP
Blood Moon Sivir55%607 RP

Making the Most of the Sales

To make the most of these champion and skin sales, players should consider the following tips:

  1. Evaluate Your Playstyle: Consider which champions and skins align with your preferred playstyle and role. Take advantage of the discounts to acquire champions and skins that suit your gameplay.
  2. Expand Your Champion Pool: Use the champion sales as an opportunity to try out new champions and diversify your champion pool. This can help you improve your overall game knowledge and versatility.
  3. Enhance Your Favorite Champions: If you already have a favorite champion, consider purchasing their skins during the sale to give them a fresh look and enhance your gaming experience.