Genshin Impact Arlecchino Story Quest Act 1 Guide

ruekuma |  Published: April 25, 2024

Discover the complete guide to Arlecchino Story Quest Ignis Purgatorius Act 1 in Genshin Impact 4.6 in this article, including rewards, tips, and more.

The Arlecchino Story Quest Act 1, titled “When the Hearth-Flame Goes Out,” has arrived in Genshin Impact Version 4.6. This quest dives into the mysteries surrounding the House of the Hearth and its relocation to Poisson. Find the truth about the “Phantom Child” rumors and uncover the organization’s past in this article.

Arlecchino Story Quest Act 1 Guide in Genshin Impact

To open Arlecchino’s Story Quest Act 1, you must reach Adventure Rank 40 and possess a Story Key. These keys can be obtained by completing eight Daily Commissions over a minimum of two days.

Once you meet the requirements, the quest will become available for you to begin. Here’s a breakdown of every quest in Arlecchino Story Quest Act 1:

The Child Who Doesn’t Exist

The Child Who Doesn't Exist

Follow these steps to complete The Child Who Doesn’t Exist:

  • Head to Poisson, as instructed by Paimon, and meet Lyney and Arlecchino.
  • Follow Lyney to your temporary lodging after learning about the House of the Hearth’s relocation and the Phantom Child rumors.
  • Assist Lyney in distributing supplies to the House members by climbing the ramp and speaking with the first group.
  • Cross the bridge to provide supplies to the second group of people.
  • Return to your lodging and encounter Freminet, who seems to be hiding something.
  • Follow Freminet behind the ship in Poisson to find a young girl named Clervie.
  • Speak with Lyney and Freminet, and Lynette will join the plan.
  • Talk to Clervie and inquire about her origin and wish, then stall for time by speaking with Arlecchino.

Sea Breeze Rendezvous

Sea Breeze Rendezvous

Follow these steps to complete Sea Breeze Rendezvous:

  • Go to the seaside and converse with Arlecchino and Childe.
  • Return to the siblings in Poisson and report your findings.
  • After convening with the siblings, return to your lodging in Poisson, where Clervie will run away.
  • Follow Clervie to the entrance of Poisson, where a cutscene will reveal her desire to be free from “Mother.”

Birds in a Cage

Birds in a Cage

Follow these steps to complete Birds in a Cage:

  • In the morning, convene with Lyney and his siblings to continue enacting the plan.
  • Visit the seaside dock and speak with Arlecchino, who reveals she has known about the plan and asks you to accompany her to the Palais Mermonia.
  • Teleport to the Palais Mermonia and speak with Neuvillette after witnessing a cutscene.
  • Once the meeting with Neuvillette concludes, follow Arlecchino.

Into the Sunlight

Genshin Impact Arlecchino Story Quest

Follow these steps to complete Into the Sunlight:

  • Travel to the circular ruins south of Mont Esus East.
  • After several cutscenes, engage in a boss battle against the Knave‘s two forms and emerge victorious.
  • Watch the cutscenes involving Arlecchino and Clervie, then adjust the in-game time to two days later.
  • Visit Hotel Bouffes d’ete, the residence of the House of the Hearth, and speak with the siblings to conclude the quest.

Rewards for Completing Arlecchino Story Quest

Upon completing Arlecchino Story Quest Act 1, you will receive a variety of valuable rewards, including:

QuestMoraHero’s WitsMystic Enhancement OresOther Rewards
The Child Who Doesn’t Exist43,60048None
Sea Breeze Rendezvous31,12547None
Birds in a Cage31,12547None
Into the Sunlight38,1004860 Primogems, 5 Guide to Order
Arlecchino Story Quest Rewards in Genshin Impact

Completing Arlecchino Story Quest Act 1 will also reward you with ‘Wall-Hearth: The Firewood that Banishes the Dark’ furnishing.

Wall Hearth: The Firewood that Banishes the Dark

Immerse yourself in the story of Arlecchino and the House of the Hearth by completing these quests in Genshin Impact Version 4.6. Uncover the truth, forge new alliances, and overcome challenges to uncover the mysteries that lie ahead.