Genshin Impact Underwater Nocturne Quest Guide

ruekuma |  Published: April 26, 2024

Complete the Underwater Nocturne world quest from the Canticles of Harmony chain in Genshin Impact with this guide.

Underwater Nocturne is part of the Canticles of Harmony world quest chain in Genshin Impact Petrichor region. It automatically unlocks after finishing The Shadow Over Petrichor prelude quest. This guide breaks down all the steps to complete the Underwater Nocturne quest in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Underwater Nocturne Quest Guide

To begin, follow the navigation marker and explore Faded Castle until you reach a strange mural. Approach it to trigger a cutscene introducing you to the quest’s next steps. Here’s a complete step by step guide:

Explore the Faded Castle

Genshin Impact Underwater Nocturne Quest

Follow the quest navigation to explore deeper into the Faded Castle area of Petrichor.

You’ll eventually come across a large, mysterious mural – approach it to trigger a story cutscene providing your next objectives.

Solve the Autoharmonic Reed Pipe Puzzle

Solve the Autoharmonic Reed Pipe Puzzle

The quest will then direct you to a room housing a new Autoharmonic Reed Pipe puzzle mechanism. To solve it:

  • Use your melody power ability next to your skill/burst icons
  • Move the soundboard level until it matches the musical note shown on the wall beside each pipe
  • Release to lock in that tune for each of the two pipes.

Correctly tuning both Autoharmonic Reed Pipes unlocks a pedestal in the center, allowing you to claim the crucial Blank Score item and an Exquisite Chest reward.

Install the Blank Score and Defeat Golems

Defeat the Golemns

With the Blank Score obtained, return to the strange mural area from earlier. Insert the Blank Score into the mechanism near the stage to trigger an extended story cutscene.

After the cutscene concludes, four powerful Praetorian Golem enemies will activate and attack!

These Geo-shielded foes are formidable, so it’s wise to bring a powerful Geo character like Zhongli or a Claymore user to help break their shields efficiently. Simply hold Zhongli’s Elemental Skill and Burst to rapidly shatter the golem defenses.

Defeat all four golems to complete a final cutscene, finishing the Underwater Nocturne quest in Petrichor.

Underwater Nocturne Quest Rewards

You’ll earn the following rewards for completing the Underwater Nocturne Quest:

  • x30 Primogems
  • x2 Hero’s Wit
  • x32500 Mora
  • Exquisite Chest
  • Progression to the next Canticles of Harmony quest

Don’t miss the continuation of this quest line as it uncovers more mysteries surrounding the strange events in Petrichor. Finishing the full Canticles of Harmony chain is essential for fully exploring the latest region in Genshin Impact.