Hades 2: How to Get Poppy

Bilal |  Published: May 20, 2024

Learn how to find and use Poppy in Hades 2 to unlock powerful weapon Aspects and enhance your gameplay. Discover tips and strategies here.

In the challenging journey of Hades 2, players are tasked with defeating the Titan of Time. To reach this formidable foe, you’ll need to gather various resources, including the elusive Poppy. This guide will walk you through how to find Poppy and utilize it effectively in the game.

How to Get Poppy in Hades 2

How to Get Poppy Seeds
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Poppy is classified as a Greenery type resource in Hades 2. Unlike other resources, it cannot be found directly in the Underworld or on the surface. Instead, players must locate Poppy Seeds and grow them at the Crossroads.

Finding Poppy Seeds

  1. Locate Chronos: Progress in the game until you reach Tartarus. This biome is the only place where Poppy Seeds can be found in digging spots.
  2. Silver Spade: Ensure you have a Silver Spade before starting your run at night, as it’s essential for digging up Poppy Seeds.
  3. Digging Spots: Search for digging spots in Tartarus. Be prepared for a potentially lengthy search, as these spots are not guaranteed to appear.

Planting Poppy Seeds

Planting Poppy Seeds
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Once you’ve acquired Poppy Seeds, head to the Crossroads to plant them. Poppy is one of the most challenging resources to grow, requiring you to clear 21 rooms before it matures.

To speed up the growth process, you can engage in a more relaxing activity: taking a Bath with your companions. This not only shortens the plant’s growth time but also helps you bond with your friends.

How to Use Poppy in Hades 2

how to get and use argent skull hades 2
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Poppy is a crucial resource for unlocking Aspects in Hades 2. Specifically, you’ll need it to unlock the Aspect of Persephone for the Argent Skull weapon. This Aspect significantly boosts the power of your Omega Attacks, making it a valuable upgrade.


  • Type: Greenery
  • Location: Poppy Seeds found in Tartarus digging spots
  • Tools Needed: Silver Spade
  • Planting Location: Crossroads
  • Growth Time: Clear 21 rooms or use Baths to speed up
  • Usage: Unlock Aspect of Persephone for Argent Skull weapon

By following this guide, you can efficiently find and use Poppy in Hades 2, enhancing your weapons and progressing further in your quest to defeat the Titan of Time. Happy hunting!