Honkai Star Rail New Characters Leaks: Fugue, Rappa, and Feixiao Kit

Suki |  Published: July 10, 2024

Discover the latest leaks of Honkai Star Rail, revealing the possible kit of new characters, Fugue, Rappa, and Feixiao.

Honkai Star Rail fans have something new to look forward to. Recent leaks have revealed information about three upcoming characters: Fugue, Rappa, and Feixiao. These leaks offer a glimpse into the potential abilities and playstyles of these new additions to the game.

HSR New Character Feixiao Leaks

honkai star rail feixiao leaks
Image Credits: GameWitted

Feixiao appears to be an interesting character with some unique mechanics. According to the leaks, she will have both an Enhanced Basic Attack and Enhanced Skill. This suggests she might have abilities that power up her normal attacks in some way.

Her Ultimate ability is where things get intriguing. The leaks indicate that Feixiao’s Ultimate may not deal direct damage. Instead, it seems to focus on buffing her other attacks. This is similar to how the character Firefly works currently in the game.

HSR New Character Rappa Leaks

Not much is known about Rappa yet, but one detail stands out. The leaks suggest that Rappa will have a multi-stage Ultimate ability, similar to the existing character Acheron. This type of Ultimate usually involves several hits or phases.

Interestingly, the final hit of Rappa’s Ultimate may not deal damage. This could mean it applies some kind of effect or buff instead. Players will have to wait for more information to see how this ability functions in practice.

HSR New Character Fugue Leaks

Fugue rounds out the trio of leaked characters. The available information suggests an interesting kit. Fugue’s Basic Attack and Ultimate are expected to deal damage. However, the Skill ability may not cause direct damage.

This could mean Fugue’s Skill focuses on utility effects support or buffs instead of raw damage output.

Honkai Star Rail New Characters Leaks

These leaks offer exciting possibilities for new team compositions and strategies in Honkai Star Rail. Characters with unique mechanics like Feixiao’s buffing Ultimate or Rappa’s multi-stage ability could shake up the current meta. Fugue’s non-damaging Skill also hints at potential support capabilities.

It’s important to remember that these are still leaks. The final versions of these characters may differ when they’re officially released. However, this early information gives players something to speculate about and look forward to in future updates.


CharacterKey Features
FeixiaoEnhanced Basic Attack and Skill, Buffing Ultimate
RappaMulti-stage Ultimate, Final hit may not deal damage
FugueDamaging Basic and Ultimate, Non-damaging Skill
Honkai Star Rail New Characters Leaks

As Honkai Star Rail continues to evolve, these new characters promise to bring fresh gameplay experiences. Players should keep an eye out for official announcements to learn more about Fugue, Rappa, Feixiao, and any other upcoming additions to the game.


  • Who is the strongest character in Honkai Star Rail?
    • Currently, the strongest character in HSR is Dan Heng’s dragon form Imbibitor Lunae.
  • Who is the canon main character in Honkai Star Rail?
    • The Trailblazer is the main character in Honkai Star Rail.
  • Who is the antagonist in Honkai Star Rail?
    • The primary antagonist of HSR is Nanook.