How to Build a Furnace in Once Human?

Kyuma |  Published: July 10, 2024

Learn how to construct a furnace in Once Human. Follow this step-by-step guide to unlock crucial crafting abilities in your home base.

In Once Human, crafting plays a vital role in player progression and survival. One of the most essential structures players need to build is the furnace. This guide will walk through the process of unlocking and constructing a furnace, enabling players to advance their crafting capabilities.

How to Unlock Furnace in Once Human?

Go to Cradle option to unlock furnace in Once Human
Screenshot by GameWitted

Before diving into furnace construction, it’s crucial to understand the game’s skill system, known as memetics. These represent essential abilities that players need to progress in the game.

To access the skill system in Once Human:

  1. Press the Tab button while in your home base.
  2. Navigate to the “Cradle” option.
  3. This action will open up the skill system interface.

Within the skill system:

  1. Look for the “Infrastructure” category.
  2. Find the “Smelting Essential” skill.
  3. Select and learn this skill to unlock the furnace crafting ability.

How to Build a Furnace in Once Human?

building and unlocking a furnace in Once Human
Image Credits: GameWitted

Once the smelting skill is unlocked, players can proceed to construct the furnace in their home territory.

To start building:

  1. Press the B key to open the build menu.
  2. Right-click to bring up additional options.

In the build menu:

  1. Navigate to the “Production Processing” category.
  2. Locate the furnace option.
  3. Select a suitable location within your base.
  4. Place the furnace by clicking on the desired spot.

Note: A Furnace costs 20 Copper ore and 30 Gravel to build, so make sure you have these resources ready before you construct the Furnace.

Tips for Efficient Furnace Use

To make the most of your newly constructed furnace:

  1. Resource Gathering: Ensure a steady supply of resources before starting large smelting operations.
  2. Base Layout: Place the furnace in a convenient location within your base for easy access.

Remember, efficient resource management and strategic base planning will greatly enhance the crafting experience in Once Human. As players continue to explore and expand their capabilities, the furnace will remain a cornerstone of their crafting endeavors.