How to Fast Travel in Wuthering Waves

Scarletrune |  Published: May 24, 2024

In this guide, we will show you in detail how to unlock and use fast travel in Wuthering Waves.

Fast traveling is essential for traversing the vast open world of Wuthering Waves. The game map is divided into nine major regions filled with quests, activities, and items to discover. Running everywhere on foot would be incredibly time-consuming. Fortunately, there is a fast travel system in Wuthering Waves!

How to Fast Travel in Wuthering Waves

Fast Travel in Wuthering Waves
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Fast travel in Wuthering Waves is unlocked very early in the game. The first Resonance Beacon is activated during the prologue quest. Then upon arriving in Jinzhou to meet Jinhsi at the City Hall, the fast travel system is introduced and explained.

To fast travel, simply open the map with the ‘M’ key, select an activated Resonance Beacon or Resonance Nexus, and click “Fast Travel”.

This will teleport you to that location within seconds. However, Beacons and Nexuses must be discovered and activated before they can be used as fast travel points.

There are a total of 68 Resonance Beacons and 11 Resonance Nexuses scattered across the map. Resonance Nexuses are more significant and will appear on the map immediately. Beacons only show up when zoomed in on a region of the map.

Resonance Beacon Locations

Resonance Beacon Locations in Wuthering Waves
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The fast travel points are distributed quite evenly, so there is usually one close by no matter where you are on the map. However, some regions like Wuming Bay along the eastern coast have very few, with only a single Beacon located between Wuming Bay and Tiger’s Maw. To reach Wuming Bay, you would need to fast travel to that Beacon and then run the remaining distance.

Benefits of Resonance Beacons and Nexuses

Benefits of Resonance Beacons and Nexuses
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In addition to enabling fast travel, activating a Resonance Nexus provides some bonus benefits:

  • Reveals a large portion of the surrounding map
  • Fully heals the party
  • Revives any downed characters
  • Awards Astrite x30 and Union EXP x60

While Resonance Beacons grant you Astrite x5 and Union EXP x30 whenever they are unlocked or activated.

With 68 Beacons and 11 Nexuses to find, fast travel becomes an integral part of the Wuthering Waves experience. Unlocking them all is a fun, rewarding way to explore the vast, beautiful world while gaining the convenience of quick transportation across the map.