How to Fix the Unable to Find Match Error in XDefiant

Kyuma |  Published: May 21, 2024

Many XDefiant players are getting unable to find match error at launch. Learn why it is happening and how to potentially fix the issue.

The long-awaited arena shooter XDefiant has finally launched its pre-season, but players are running into a frustrating issue right out of the gate. Many are reporting an “unable to find match” error when trying to get into a game. This guide will explain what is causing the problem and how to potentially fix it.

Understanding the XDefiant Matchmaking Error

How to Fix the Unable to Find Match Error in XDefiant
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The main reason players are seeing the unable to find match error in XDefiant is due to the servers being overloaded. This is a common occurrence with popular online games on launch day. The massive influx of players all trying to connect at once puts a huge strain on the servers.

Some players are stuck in queues waiting to be placed in a match. Others are seeing messages that there are few to no other players online, even though tons of people are trying to play. These are all symptoms of the same underlying issue – the XDefiant servers are struggling to keep up with the demand.

How to Fix the XDefiant Unable to Find Match Error

XDefiant Unable to Find Match Error fixes
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While it is disappointing to run into matchmaking errors, there are a few things that players can try to get into a game:

  1. Restart XDefiant The first troubleshooting step is to completely close and restart XDefiant. This is especially important for those who launched the game before the servers were fully up and running. The game needs to reestablish a fresh connection to have a chance at finding a populated match.

On PlayStation and Xbox, make sure to completely quit out of the application, not just minimize it. Then relaunch XDefiant and try matchmaking again.

  1. Wait a Few Minutes If restarting does not work, the next step is to simply wait a bit and try again. The XDefiant servers are likely being hammered with player traffic. Waiting five or ten minutes gives the servers some time to process the queue of players trying to connect.

Some have reported being able to get into a match right when the game launched but then subsequently hitting the unable to join match error after that first game. This points to a deeper issue on the server side that will take some time to resolve.

  1. Keep an Eye on Official Channels Ubisoft is aware of the widespread matchmaking issues impacting XDefiant on launch day. The development team is actively investigating the problems and working to resolve them.

Players should keep an eye on the official XDefiant Twitter account and other channels for updates on the situation. Once the developers have implemented a fix or the server load has evened out, an announcement will likely be made.

Having matchmaking errors and server problems on launch day is nothing new for big online games.

XDefiant players will have to exercise a bit of patience as Ubisoft works to iron out the matchmaking problems. In the meantime, affected players can try the troubleshooting steps above and keep checking for official updates.