How to Get All Basic W-Engine Components in ZZZ

Kyuma |  Published: July 10, 2024

Discover how to obtain and use basic W-Engine Components in Zenless Zone Zero to upgrade your gear and dominate your enemies.

In the vibrant world of Zenless Zone Zero, W-Engines are the gear that amplifies your Agents’ abilities and turns the tide of battle. But to truly unleash their potential, you’ll need to master the art of W-Engine Components.

Understanding W-Engine Components is crucial for success in New Eridu. This guide will break down everything you need to know about these essential upgrade materials, from how to get them to the best ways to use them.

Types of Basic W-Engine Components and How to Obtain

Types of Basic W-Engine Components and How to Obtain
Image Credits: GameWitted

There are five main types of W-Engine Components in Zenless Zone Zero, each tailored to a specific W-Engine model:

Component TypeW-Engine ModelRarityEffect
Anomaly Component
Anomaly Component
AnomalyCIncreases level cap to 20
Attack Component
Attack Component
AttackCIncreases level cap to 20
Defense Component
Defense Component
DefenseCIncreases level cap to 20
Stun Component
Stun Component
StunCIncreases level cap to 20
Support Component
Support Component
SupportCIncreases level cap to 20

All W-Engine Components share the same rarity (C) and primary function of increasing the level cap but are specific to their respective W-Engine models. The primary method to acquire W-Engine Components is through Combat Simulation and Dismantling.

W-Engines and Their Corresponding Components

Component TypeCompatible W-Engines
AnomalyElectro-Lip Gloss, Weeping Gemini, Rainforest Gourmet, Magnetic Storm series
AttackCannon Rotor, Starlight Engine, Street Superstar, Lunar series, The Brimstone, and more
DefenseSpring Embrace, Bunny Band, Original Transmorpher, Identity series, Big Cylinder
StunSix Shooter, Precious Fossilized Core, Steam Oven, Vortex series, The Restrained, and more
SupportBashful Demon, Unfettered Game Ball, Slice of Time, Reverb series, Weeping Cradle, and more

For those times when you’re short on specific components, the Master Component comes to the rescue. This versatile A-rarity resource can substitute for any W-Engine Component, making it incredibly valuable for upgrading your gear.

Summary Table

Component TypeW-Engine ModelRarityEffectKey Acquisition Method
AnomalyAnomalyCIncreases level cap to 20Combat Simulation, Dismantling
AttackAttackCIncreases level cap to 20Combat Simulation, Dismantling
DefenseDefenseCIncreases level cap to 20Combat Simulation, Dismantling
StunStunCIncreases level cap to 20Combat Simulation, Dismantling
SupportSupportCIncreases level cap to 20Combat Simulation, Dismantling
MasterAnyASubstitutes for any componentNew Eridu City Fund, Specific Commissions

By mastering the use of W-Engine Components, you’ll be able to deal with enemies in Zenless Zone Zero. A well-upgraded set of W-Engines can make all the difference when facing tough opponents.