How to Get and Complete the Stellar Blade Keeping Secrets Quest

Bilal |  Published: April 27, 2024

Discover how to complete the Stellar Blade “Keeping Secrets” quest by finding the woman linked to Su’s disappearance.

In the Stellar Blade quest “Keeping Secrets,” players are tasked with finding the woman linked to Su’s disappearance. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for completing the quest.

In Stellar Blade, the Keeping Secrets quest is a challenging side quest where players must locate the woman associated with Su’s mysterious disappearance. Unlike other quests, there is no quest marker for this objective, making it particularly difficult to complete. With numerous female NPCs in the game, players are left clueless about which character is connected to Su.

To assist players in completing this quest, we offer a comprehensive guide detailing the steps to find the woman connected to Su’s disappearance in Stellar Blade.

How to Get and Complete the Stellar Blade Keeping Secrets Quest

Keeping Secrets Walkthrough
1. Initiate the Quest in Xion 2. Talk to Enya 3. Head to Solar Tower in Wasteland 4. Locate Su
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  1. Initiating the Quest: After completing the initial side quest from Su and Enya titled “Looking at You,” players will unlock the Keeping Secrets quest upon arriving at Xion and submitting the second Hyper Cell. Enya, located in the club in the Xion alleyway, provides the quest.
  2. Speaking to Enya: When players speak to Enya, they learn that Su has gone missing, and Enya suspects he may be cheating on her due to the influence of Sentinel Bo, one of Su’s associates.
  3. Objective: The primary objective of the quest is to talk to Bo, found at the alleyway entrance leading to Enya’s location. After engaging in dialogue with Bo, players receive the next objective: “Find the woman connected to Su’s disappearance.”
  4. Investigating the Solar Tower: Players must head to the Solar Tower in the Wasteland area and investigate the traces of Su by interacting with nearby items marked on the map.
  5. Locating Su: After investigating the Solar Tower, players must find Su’s location, engage in dialogue with him, and then return to Xion.
  6. Completing the Quest: Upon returning to Xion and heading to the club, players witness an interaction between Su and Enya, completing the quest. Players receive rewards including Gold x1,000, Highly Concentrated Potion x2, and Lingering Potion x1.

How to Find the Woman Connected to Su’s Disappearance

Stellar Blade kaya
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The woman linked to Su’s disappearance is revealed to be Kaya, the owner of Sister’s Junk shop in Xion. To progress the quest, players must visit Sister’s Junk and talk to Kaya. By selecting the appropriate dialogue options, players learn about Su’s activities and his connection to Enya’s search for rare parts in the Wastelands.

This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough for completing the Stellar Blade Keeping Secrets quest and locating the woman connected to Su’s disappearance.