How to Get and Farm Astrite in Wuthering Waves

Scarletrune |  Published: May 23, 2024

Wuthering Waves offers a multitude of ways to get and farm Astrite, catering to both free-to-play and paying players alike. Here is how!

In Wuthering Waves, Astrite is the most valuable currency, allowing players to summon powerful characters and weapons through the gacha system.

Getting Astrite is crucial in the game for you to be able to enhance your character roster and tackle tough challenges. Fortunately, Wuthering Waves provides many ways to get and farm Astrite for both free-to-play and paying players.

How to Get and Farm Astrite in Wuthering Waves

There are 7 ways that are currently available to get and farm Astrite in Wuthering Waves. We have summarized them and here are the ways to obtain them:

Daily Missions

How to Farm Astrite in Wuthering Waves
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In Wuthering Waves, completing daily missions is one of the best ways to farm and get Astrite. These tasks refresh daily and provide a steady income for Astrite. By dedicating a small amount of time each day, you can gather a significant amount of Astrite over time.

Main Story and Side Quests

How to Farm Astrite in Wuthering Waves
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Completing the main story and side quests in Wuthering Waves not only reveals the game’s rich lore but also provides many opportunities to get Astrite. These quests often reward players with a generous amount of Astrite.

Events and Limited Events

How to Farm Astrite in Wuthering Waves
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Kuro Games, the developer behind Wuthering Waves, makes sure that players always have exciting content to engage with by regularly introducing limited-time events.

These events often present unique challenges and activities that reward the participants with Astrite upon completion.

Uncovering Hidden Astrite Treasures

How to Farm Astrite in Wuthering Waves - Exploration
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Wuthering Waves features a vast designed open world that is filled with secrets. Exploring every corner can lead you to hidden treasure chests containing Astrite.

Additionally, solving puzzles scattered throughout the world can also yield Astrite rewards. Thorough exploration can significantly boost your Astrite stash in the game.

Lunite Pass

Lunite Purchase Wuthering Waves
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For players willing to invest a small amount of money into Wuthering Waves, the Lunite Pass presents an attractive option. Similar to the Welkin Moon Blessing in Genshin Impact, purchasing the Lunite Pass grants you a daily reward of 90 Astrite for 30 days. The Lunite Pass offers excellent value for those seeking a more steady and reliable Astrite income.

Endgame Content

As you progress further in Wuthering Waves, you can unlock challenging endgame content to test your skills. The Tower of Adversity, for example, challenges you with tough enemy waves. When you succeed in defeating the enemies, the quest will reward you with a substantial amount of Astrite. Other endgame activities, like boss challenges, also offer Astrite as a reward.

Direct Purchase

Last but not least, you can also purchase Astrite directly using real money from the in-game store. There are different packages available. While this option may not be for everyone, it provides a quick and convenient way to get Astrite for those who want it in an instant.

In Wuthering Waves, acquiring Astrite is essential for summoning powerful characters and weapons. Regardless of what method you are choosing, farming Astrite requires dedication and consistency in the game. So good luck and happy hunting!

Wuthering Waves FAQs

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  • What platforms are Wuthering Waves available on?
    • Wuthering Waves is available on Windows PC, iOS, Android, and Epic Games Store.
  • Is Wuthering Waves a Gacha game?
    • Yes, Wuthering Waves is a Gacha game and contains Gacha elements.
  • Can you change gender in Wuthering Waves?
  • How many characters are available in Wuthering Waves?