How to Get Garlic in Hades 2

Bilal |  Published: May 21, 2024

Learn how to get and use Garlic in Hades 2. Unlock buffs, craft essential tools, and perform powerful Incantations with this detailed guide.

In the latest installment of Supergiant Games’ highly acclaimed roguelike series, Hades 2, players are introduced to an intriguing farming mechanic that seamlessly blends with the game’s narrative. As you embark on your journey through the underworld and beyond, you’ll encounter a variety of ingredients, including the illustrious garlic, which can be harnessed to unlock powerful incantations and buffs.

How to Get Garlic in Hades 2

Hades 2 Garlic
Supergiant Games

To acquire garlic in Hades 2, you’ll need to employ the trusty Silver Spade. This tool allows you to dig up garlic seeds from the distinct brown spots scattered throughout the City of Ephyra, a location accessible on the Surface realm. Additionally, garlic can also be obtained by growing Mysterious seeds, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the farming process.

Unlocking the Silver Spade
Before you can wield the Silver Spade, you must first unlock it by performing the Night’s Craftwork Incantation at The Crossroads’ Cauldron, which requires one Moly. This incantation grants you access to various gathering tools, including the coveted Silver Spade.

Once unlocked, you’ll need to craft the Silver Spade at the Training Grounds, requiring 10 Silver, which can be obtained in the Underworld by using a Crescent Pick.

Accessing the City of Ephyra
The City of Ephyra, where garlic seeds can be found, is located on the Surface realm. To reach this area, you’ll need to unlock and perform two crucial Incantations:

  1. Permeation of Witching Wards: Requires one Cinder, one Shadow, and three Moly. This Incantation allows you to travel to the Surface realm.
  2. Unraveling a Fateful Bond: Obtained from Chaos, this Incantation requires two Lotus, two Moss, two Nightshade, and two Thalamus. With these two Incantations, you can safely navigate the Surface areas and ultimately reach the City of Ephyra.

How to Cultivate Garlic Seeds

Once you’ve acquired garlic seeds from the brown spots in Ephyra, you can return to the Crossroads and plant them in the Flourishing Soil, provided you’ve completed the necessary Incantation for it.

How to Use Garlic Seeds

How to Use Garlic

Garlic serves as a vital ingredient in several powerful Incantations, including:

  1. Rite of Social Solidarity: Restores the Crossroads Taverna, requiring two Nectar and two Garlic.
  2. Verdant Soil: Adds two extra Soil Plots at the Crossroads, requiring one Wheat and one Garlic.
  3. Surge of Fresh Air: Spawns a Shrine of Hermes in between each Surface region, requiring two Fate Fabric, two Garlic, and two Mandrake.

By mastering the art of garlic cultivation and incantation crafting, you’ll gain a significant advantage in your quest through the treacherous realms of Hades 2.