How to Get Meteorite Ore in Soulmask

Suki |  Published: July 11, 2024

Learn how to find and get Meteorite Ore in Soulmask with our detailed guide. We will explain everything you need to know.

Meteorite Ore is a vital resource in Soulmask, especially for crafting Steel Ingots. This guide will explain how to efficiently farm Meteorite Ore and the necessary steps to gather the other required materials.

How to Get Meteorite Ore in Soulmask

how to get meteorite ore in soulmask
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Meteorite Ore is essential for crafting steel in Soulmask. While small amounts can be found in barracks in level 50 areas, this method is not efficient for long-term needs. The best way to farm Meteorite Ore is to go directly to its source, which requires preparation and strategy.

how to get meteorite ore in soulmask
Image Credits: GameWitted

First, ensure that the teleporter at the Mammoth Boss Arena is unlocked for quick travel. This will save a lot of time. Meteorite Ore is located in an area guarded by an elite Snow Leopard, so bringing a strong companion is advisable. Additionally, be prepared to face snow leopards and Arctic wolves along the way.

Once at the location, the elite Snow Leopard must be defeated to access the meteorite ore. It’s crucial to have support as this can be a challenging fight alone. After defeating the Snow Leopard, you are free to mine all the Meteorite Ores.

Having an NPC or a strong follower to help carry the resources back to the base is very useful.

How to Use Meteorite to Craft Steel

how to get meteorite ore in soulmask
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To craft Steel Ingots, you need various materials, and one of them is Meteorite Ore. To craft it, go to your Powered Furnace and combine these resources:

  • 1x Iron Ingot
  • 1x Cooking Coal
  • 1x Meteorite Ore / 1x Mysterious Metal Chunk

Having a good amount of each resource is necessary for the end-game progression of Soulmask. Make sure to check our guide on where to find Iron Ore to help you farm it.

To get Cooking Coal, you need to craft it using Coals in a normal furnace. It’s rather easy because there are quite a lot of Coal mines in the Hill region of Soulmask.


With the right preparation and strategy, gathering Meteorite Ore and other materials in Soulmask can be efficient and manageable. Use teleporters for quick travel, bring strong companions for support, and ensure all materials are properly processed to craft Steel Ingots.

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