How to Get More Gleamium in MultiVersus

Bilal |  Published: June 02, 2024

Learn how to earn Gleamium in MultiVersus without spending real money. Discover tips for Events, Battle Pass rewards, and redeeming codes.

Gleamium is a valuable in-game currency in MultiVersus, primarily used to purchase unique cosmetic items. While you can buy Gleamium with real money, many players prefer a true free-to-play experience. Fortunately, there are ways to earn Gleamium without opening your wallet. This guide will explain how to get more Gleamium in MultiVersus through gameplay and special promotions.

How to Get Gleamium Fast in MultiVersus

Multiversus How to Get Gleamium
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There are two main methods to earn Gleamium in MultiVersus without spending real money: participating in Events and progressing through the Battle Pass, and redeeming MultiVersus gift codes.

1. Earning Gleamium Through Events and Battle Pass

MultiVersus offers various in-game Events and a Battle Pass system that players can utilize to earn Gleamium. By participating in these activities, you can accumulate almost 1,000 Gleamium. While Gleamium isn’t a guaranteed reward for every Event or Battle Pass level, it appears frequently enough to make a significant impact.

  • Events: Keep an eye out for special in-game Events, which often include Gleamium as part of their rewards. These events are time-limited but provide opportunities to earn Gleamium by completing specific challenges or objectives.
  • Battle Pass: Progressing through the Battle Pass by completing daily and weekly missions is another effective way to earn Gleamium. As you level up your Battle Pass, you’ll occasionally receive Gleamium as a reward. The key is to grind through these missions efficiently to maximize your rewards.

2. Redeeming MultiVersus Gift Codes

MultiVersus gift codes offer another way to earn Gleamium. These codes are distributed during special promotions and events and can be redeemed for various rewards, including Gleamium.

  • Gift Codes: To redeem a gift code, go to the game’s rewards page and enter the code. For example, during the game’s launch, players could use the code GM43D7Y7JHHKP8G3EJAO to receive either a Matrix Code Banana Guard skin, the Thanks! Emote, or 50 Gleamium. Although not all gift codes will give you Gleamium, many of them do, typically providing around 50 Gleamium each. Keep an eye out for these codes through official MultiVersus channels and community forums.

Earning Gleamium Through Spending

Multiversus Gleamium Packs
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While these methods provide ways to earn Gleamium without spending real money, it’s important to manage expectations. The amount of Gleamium you can earn through in-game activities is limited. Most premium skins in MultiVersus cost around 2,000 Gleamium, and the free methods might not yield enough to cover these costs quickly.

For players looking to acquire specific high-cost items, purchasing Gleamium remains the most straightforward method. Gleamium can be purchased in various bundles:

  • 450 Gleamium for $4.99
  • 2,200 Gleamium for $19.99

Given the cost of most cosmetic items, it’s a significant investment if you aim to unlock multiple skins.


Earning Gleamium in MultiVersus without spending real money is possible but requires dedication and patience. By actively participating in Events, progressing through the Battle Pass, and redeeming gift codes, you can accumulate a decent amount of Gleamium. However, for those aiming for quicker and larger rewards, purchasing Gleamium might be the more practical option.