How to Get the Jump-Bot in Sand Land

Scarletrune |  Published: April 27, 2024

This comprehensive article will guide you on how to unlock and get the Jum-Bot in Sand Land.

In Sand Land, you can have the opportunity to acquire the versatile Jump-Bot to help you travel in the desert with difficult terrain. The Jump-Bot is a two-legged vehicle that’s great at climbing tall rocks and navigating tough landscapes. Here’s how you can get your hands on the Jump-Bot in Sand Land.

How to Get the Jump-Bot in Sand Land

If you want to easily jump or climb tall rocks in Sand Land, we have compiled a step-by-step guide to help you get the Jump-Bot in the game. Here are the steps:

The Quest for the Jump-Bot

How to Get the Jump-Bot in Sand Land
Bandai Namco

Your journey to get the Jump-Bot begins with an important main quest called “A Jump-Bot?! Gimme!” After stealing the Tank from Napps Base and repairing it in Spino, Mayor Tor will task you with securing a Jump-Bot to help your travels through Sand Land.

Visit the Junker’s Market

How to Get the Jump-Bot in Sand Land
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Follow the quest marker to the Junker’s Market, where you’ll learn from an NPC about the whereabouts of a Core Frame essential for constructing the Jump-Bot. Your search will take you to the Lisab Battleship, a dangerous place with tricky terrain and unfriendly enemies.

Defeating the Wannabe Junker

How to Get the Jump-Bot in Sand Land - Wannabe Junker
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There you will encounter a powerful enemy called the Wannabe Junker, who wields a Jump-Bot of their own. Engage in an intense boss battle. Use your Tank’s firepower and maneuvers to win this battle. Once the Wannabe Junker is defeated, you’ll obtain the Core Frame.

Crafting the Jump-Bot

How to Get the Jump-Bot in Sand Land
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With the Core Frame in hand, return to Spino and visit the Garage. Speak with Ann, the mechanic, who will guide you through the process of assembling the Jump-Bot.

Ensure you have the required materials and enough Zeni to build the Jump-Bot. Here is the summary of the materials you need:

PartHow to Get
B-Grade GunpowderCraft at Junker Market Workshop:
– Niter x2
B-Grade MeterDefeat mechs and tanks in the desert
B-Grade SensorDefeat mechs and tanks in the desert
Vegetable OilCraft at Junker Market Workshop:
– Plant Matter x2
– Cactus x2
B-Grade SpringPurchase at Spino Town shop
Shock-Absorbing RubberPurchase at Spino Town shop
B-Grade SteelPurchase at Spino Town shop
B-Grade GearPurchase at Spino Town shop

Once you’ve assembled the Jump-Bot, you can summon it by throwing a Capsule and pressing the designated button. Voila! You got yourself a Jump-Bot!

How to Use the Jump-Bot in Sand Land

How to get and use the Jump-Bot in Sand Land
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While the Jump-Bot may not excel in direct combat, it offers unique advantages in battles. Take advantage of its incredible jumping capabilities to position yourself on elevated platforms and snipe enemies from above.

If the enemies are within close range, use the Stomp ability to crush them with a well-timed aerial attack.

With the Jump-Bot, you’ll conquer the dangerous deserts of Sand Land. No rock or cliff will stop you!