How to Get Three Free 5-Star Characters in Wuthering Waves

Kyuma |  Published: May 26, 2024

Learn how to get free 5-star characters in Wuthering Waves. This guide covers the Novice Banner, Beginner Selector, and Giveback Custom Convene event.

Wuthering Waves offers players a chance to get free 5-star characters right from the start. This guide will show you exactly how to unlock these characters quickly and easily.

How to Get Free 5-Star Characters in Wuthering Waves

How to Get Free 5-Star Characters in Wuthering Waves (1)
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When starting Wuthering Waves for the first time, players are welcomed with many rewards including the opportunity to obtain free 5-star characters. The game guarantees two 5-star characters within the first 130 pulls. On top of that, due to some launch issues, the developers are giving out an additional free 5-star character selector to all players as compensation.

The First Free 5-Star: Novice Convene Banner

The First Free 5-Star Novice Convene Banner (Wuthering Waves)
Image Credits: Kuro

The first place to get a free 5-star is the Novice Convene Banner. This is the very first banner available in Wuthering Waves. To help new players get a strong start, the game ensures a 5-star character will be obtained within 50 pulls on this banner.

(We got Encore out of this)

Unlocking the Second Free 5-Star Character in Wuthering Waves

Unlocking the Second Free 5-Star Character in Wuthering Waves
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After exhausting the 50 pulls on the Novice Convene Banner, players unlock the Beginner’s Choice Convene Banner. This special banner allows the selection of a specific 5-star character from a pool of five options: Lingyang, Jianxin, Encore, Calcharo, and Verina. Once a character is chosen, they are guaranteed to be obtained within 80 pulls on the Beginner Banner.

(We got Calcharo out of this)

Bonus Third Free 5-Star: Giveback Custom Convene Event

Unlocking the third Free 5-Star Character in Wuthering Waves
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As an apology for some technical difficulties during Wuthering Waves’ launch, the developers are giving all players another free 5-star character selector. This generous gift will be delivered via in-game mail on May 26, 2024, at 10 AM (UTC+8). The selector voucher will remain valid until May 22, 2025, for anyone with an active Wuthering Waves account. No pulling on banners is required to claim this bonus character.

(We got Verina out of this)

Which Free 5-Star Should You Choose?

The choice of which 5-star to select depends on what you got from the Novice Banner:

  • If you received a DPS character like Calcharo or Lingyang, pick the support character Verina. She’s universally useful and will likely stay relevant for a long time.
  • If you got Verina from the Novice Banner, feel free to choose any of the DPS characters based on your preferred playstyle. Calcharo is a standout choice for his high damage output.

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With this guide, you’re now ready to add some powerful 5-star characters to your roster in Wuthering Waves. Enjoy your new allies as you dive into the world of Wuthering Waves!