How to Give Jobs to Tribesmen in Soulmask

Bilal |  Published: June 04, 2024

Learn how to effectively assign jobs to tribesmen in Soulmask to optimize your base operations and resource gathering.

In the survival crafting game Soulmask, players are not only responsible for their own survival but also for managing a tribe of loyal companions. These tribesmen can significantly speed up base development and resource gathering, making them invaluable assets. This guide will walk you through the process of unlocking, assigning, and optimizing the tasks for your tribesmen to ensure your base thrives.

Unlocking Tribesmen

Soulmask Tribesmen Job
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To start assigning tasks to tribesmen, you first need to unlock them. Here’s how:

  1. Build a Large Bonfire: After completing the initial tutorial quests in the guidance window, you’ll unlock the ability to build a large bonfire. This structure is crucial as it signals the beginning of your clan.
  2. Recruit the First Tribesman: Once the bonfire is built, a tribesman will approach you, asking to join your clan. This is your first recruit, marking the start of your growing tribe.

Giving Jobs to Tribesmen

Soulmask Tribesmen Work Assignment
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Once you have your tribesmen, it’s time to assign them tasks to help manage your base. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Clan Menu:
  • Press the “I” key to access the Clan menu. This menu allows you to view, customize, and assign tasks to all your clan members.
  1. Access the Work Page:
  • In the Clan menu, you’ll see several icons on each clan member’s bar. These icons represent various traits and origins affecting their behaviors. To assign tasks, click on the hammer and anvil icon on the top row of the tribesman’s bar. This opens their work page.
  1. Set Task Priorities:
  • The work page allows you to create a priority list of tasks for each tribesman. Tasks higher on the list will be prioritized over those lower down. If higher priority tasks are complete or unfeasible, tribesmen will move on to lower-priority tasks.

Types of Tasks for Tribesmen

Soulmask Types of Work
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Here are some of the tasks you can assign to tribesmen in Soulmask:

  1. Wild Collection:
  • Logging, Harvesting, and Mining: Assign tribesmen to gather resources from specific locations. Set a storage location where they will deposit collected materials. Ensure you have extra tools in the storage or periodically repair their tools.
  1. Crafting Table Autoplay:
  • Automatic Crafting: Assign tribesmen to crafting tables. They will automatically start crafting items from the queue you’ve set up.
  1. Farm Management:
  • Crop Management: After building a Granary and selecting crops, tribesmen will automatically sow, manage, and harvest the crops.
  1. Camp Upkeep:
  • Maintenance Tasks: Assign tribesmen to repair damaged structures and refill the bonfire and lamps with fuel.

Optimizing Tribesmen Tasks

To make the most of your tribesmen:

  • Balance Task Priority: Ensure the most critical tasks are at the top of the list. Lower priority tasks will only be addressed once higher ones are completed.
  • Monitor Tool Durability: Regularly check and repair the tools of your tribesmen to keep them efficient.
  • Upgrade Facilities: As you progress, upgrade your facilities to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your tribesmen.


Managing tribesmen effectively in Soulmask can drastically improve your gameplay experience, allowing you to focus on exploration and higher-level crafting. By following this guide, you’ll ensure that your base runs smoothly and efficiently with the help of your hardworking tribesmen.