How to Heal in Soulmask

Bilal |  Published: June 05, 2024

Discover the best ways to heal in Soulmask, from gathering wild foods to crafting bandages and cooking meals, ensuring your survival in this challenging game.

Soulmask isn’t just a crafting game; it’s a survival adventure where knowing how to heal is vital for your success. As you explore the island, you’ll encounter wild animals and ancient guardians that pose a threat. Learning how to effectively heal will help you survive and thrive in this challenging environment. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to heal in Soulmask.

Healing Items in Soulmask

Soulmask Healing Items
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Several items can restore your health in Soulmask. These include:

  1. Bandages – Gathered from enemy humans or crafted from the Items menu.
  2. Wild Foods – Such as Nuts, which can be found in the wild.
  3. Cooked Foods – Including Cooked Fish and Roasted Corn, prepared at campfires.

Early Game Healing: Wild Foods

In the early stages of the game, wild foods like Nuts are your best bet for quick healing. These Nuts can be harvested from specific trees, identifiable by their rings, found scattered along the beaches. To collect Nuts, use a Stone Axe to chop down these trees. Each tree you fell will yield a few Nuts, which provide a modest health boost.

Crafting and Using Bandages

Bandages are another reliable healing method. You can gather Bandages by looting bodies of enemy humans or craft them from the Items menu. Bandages are particularly useful as they can be used on the go, making them ideal for quick healing during combat or exploration.

Advanced Healing: Cooked Foods

As you progress and unlock new tools, you’ll gain access to better healing items. The Stone Butcher’s Knife allows you to harvest meat from animals. While eating raw meat offers some health benefits, cooking it provides significantly more. Here are some cooked foods and their benefits:

  • Cooked Fish: Caught and cooked at a campfire, offers a decent health boost.
  • Roasted Corn: Found in the wild and roasted at a campfire, provides a moderate amount of health restoration.
  • Meat Dishes: Combining meat with other ingredients at a campfire results in more beneficial dishes.

To cook these items, simply gather the necessary ingredients and use a campfire. Cooking not only increases the health benefits but also can provide

Tips for Effective Healing

Soulmask Healing Items
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  1. Harvest Regularly: Always collect Nuts and other wild foods whenever you come across them.
  2. Craft Supplies: Keep a stock of Bandages and cooked foods in your inventory for emergencies.
  3. Use Campfires: Make it a habit to cook raw food whenever you set up a campfire to enhance its healing properties.
  4. Manage Inventory: Ensure you have enough space in your inventory to carry essential healing items, especially before venturing into dangerous areas.


In Soulmask, effective healing is key to surviving the many threats you’ll face. By understanding and utilizing the various healing items available—from wild foods to cooked meals and bandages—you can ensure that your character stays healthy and resilient. Regularly harvest resources, craft necessary supplies, and use campfires to maximize your health restoration. With these strategies, you’ll be well-prepared to handle whatever dangers the island throws your way.