How to Increase Stamina in Wuthering Waves

Bilal |  Published: May 26, 2024

Learn how to increase stamina in Wuthering Waves for better exploration and combat. Use Data Bank levels and Echo collection to boost stamina.

In Wuthering Waves, managing your stamina is essential for both exploration and combat. Stamina allows you to swim, wallrun, climb, and perform other actions that are vital to navigating the world of Solaris efficiently. This guide will explain how to increase your Resonators’ stamina, the importance of stamina in the game, and the methods to boost it.

How to Increase Stamina

wuthering waves increasing stamina
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The primary method to increase your stamina in Wuthering Waves is by leveling up your Data Bank. Certain levels of the Data Bank reward players with a special component called the Force Release Component. Upon obtaining this component, it is immediately consumed, and your stamina cap is increased by 10. This makes it crucial to focus on Echo collection and Data Bank progression to enhance your stamina capacity.

As of now, the Data Bank is the sole source for obtaining the Force Release Component. This emphasizes the importance of Echo collection, as capturing more Echoes helps in leveling up the Data Bank. As you progress, you will unlock more Force Release Components, thus increasing your stamina.

What Role Does Stamina Play?

wuthering waves stamina uses
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Stamina plays a vital role in traversing the world of Solaris. Here are some activities that consume stamina:

  • Swimming: Moving through water consumes stamina, making it essential to manage your stamina to avoid drowning or getting stranded.
  • Wallrunning: Navigating vertical surfaces requires stamina, crucial for reaching higher platforms or hidden areas.
  • Climbing: Scaling walls or structures also depletes your stamina, making it necessary to have a higher stamina cap for extensive climbing sessions.

Notably, running outside of combat does not consume stamina, allowing you to move freely without worrying about stamina depletion.

Stamina is equally important in combat scenarios. Here’s how stamina affects combat:

  • Sprinting: While in combat, sprinting consumes stamina. This is crucial for dodging enemy attacks and repositioning quickly.
  • Heavy Attacks: Performing heavy attacks drains a portion of your stamina. Managing your stamina effectively can be the difference between landing a powerful blow or leaving yourself vulnerable.
  • Dodging: Stamina is required for dodging enemy attacks, which is essential for avoiding damage and maintaining an advantage in battle.

Effective stamina management can significantly impact your performance in both exploration and combat. Ensuring that you have a high enough stamina cap will enable you to navigate Solaris more efficiently and handle combat situations with greater ease.


In summary, increasing your stamina in Wuthering Waves involves focusing on leveling up your Data Bank and collecting Echoes to unlock Force Release Components. Stamina is crucial for both exploration and combat, affecting activities like swimming, wallrunning, climbing, sprinting, and performing heavy attacks. By understanding and utilizing these mechanics, you can enhance your gameplay experience and become more adept at handling the challenges that Solaris presents.