How to Level Up Fast in League of Legends

Kyuma |  Published: April 10, 2024

Discover strategies to level up quickly in League of Legends. This beginner’s guide covers tips to earn XP efficiently and climb the ranks faster.

Leveling your League of Legends (LoL) champion faster during a match strengthens their abilities and stats, giving them a crucial advantage.

This guide details multiple methods to gain XP fast within a game to hit those power spikes sooner.

Tips to Level Up Fast in LoL

Tips to Level Up Fast in LoL
Image Credits: Riot

Secure Minion Last Hits Constantly

Minions provide more XP than passive gold. Actively remain in range to last hit dying minions rather than leaving the responsibility to your tower. Aim to perfectly last hit over 80% of minions across early and mid-games.

This generates tremendous lane XP even without scoring kills, keeping you ahead of opposing champions.

Furthermore, proper wave management can significantly impact XP gain. Players should learn to freeze lanes, push waves, and control the flow of minions to their advantage.

Avoid Deaths From Reckless Play

Dying significantly slows champion-level progression by depriving you of minion XP over your death timer and travel time returning to lane. Additionally, the enemy gains an edge in the lane while you lose large sums upon dying.

Avoid compromising positions without vision or overreaching for difficult plays. Staying alive maintains XP flow.

Mix Camp Clears Between Wave Farming

While moving between lanes to catch upcoming minion waves, clear out jungle camps like Gromp, Wolves, or Raptors. Normal camps refresh faster than epic monsters so frequently stealing one or two accrues bonus XP to complement lane earnings.

But we would suggest you do so only if you are playing hard carry – it’s not the wisest to steal Jungle camps as a Blitzcrank.

Secure Objectives

Secure Objectives
Image Credits: Riot

All global map objectives provide team XP distributions when defeated. Most important are Elemental Dragons and Baron Nashor. Make these a priority over peripheral towers or risky invades. Dragon and Baron bolster XP to maintain pace and deny the enemy team shared growth.

Destroying enemy towers opens more terrain to pressure minions deeper into the lane safely. Tower kills grant lumps of team XP boosts upon collapsing.

Avoid Teamfights When Behind

If significantly behind in levels, stop seeking risky teamfight opportunities. Instead, safely farm minions in vacant lanes to recover lost ground. Since death timers scale with champion level, premature fights when under-leveled guarantee massive downtime to widen the gap. Catch up before you go all in for a 1v9.

Accelerate champion progression within League of Legends matches via dense wave clearing, camp poaching between lanes, capitalizing map objectives, leeching allies, and minimizing deaths. Apply these tips to hit fearsome late-game power spikes even faster.