How to Obtain Leather in Manor Lords

Bilal |  Published: April 27, 2024

Learn how to efficiently obtain and craft leather in Manor Lords, a crucial step for settlement progression and development.

In Manor Lords, leather stands as a pivotal fabric for settlement progression. Understanding the process of acquiring and crafting leather is crucial for efficient management and development. Here’s a comprehensive walkthrough on obtaining leather and its significance in Manor Lords.

How to Obtain Hide in Manor Lords

Manor Lord Leather
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The initial step in leather production is acquiring hides. These hides are garnered as a byproduct of the Hunting Camp, an essential structure in Manor Lords. Despite their limited utility on their own, hides serve as the precursor to crafting leather.

Crafting Leather in Manor Lords

Once hides are accumulated, the next phase involves transforming them into leather through a Tannery. Construction of a Tannery requires a modest investment of 4 Wood. It’s advisable to erect the Tannery once essential structures are in place and the settlement is adequately organized.

Upon completion of the Tannery, allocate workers to initiate leather production. Hides are transported from the Hunting Camp to the Tannery, where they undergo the tanning process and are subsequently stored for utilization.

Uses of Leather in Manor Lords

Manor Lord Clothing Stall
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Leather holds significant importance in Manor Lords’ economy and development. It enables the establishment of a clothing stall in the Market, facilitating the progression to upgrade Burgage Plots to Level 2 and introduce Artisan Workshops. Additionally, leather is essential for crafting shoes and serves as a valuable trading commodity at the Pack Station.

Prioritizing Leather Over Flax

In the initial stages of settlement management, prioritizing leather acquisition over flax is advisable. Flax cultivation demands considerable resources and time, spanning an entire season. During the early phases, allocating resources to leather production proves more feasible, as hides obtained from the Hunting Camp suffice for fabric requirements until flax cultivation becomes viable in subsequent years.

By adhering to this strategic approach, players can efficiently manage their settlement’s resource allocation and pave the way for sustainable development in Manor Lords.


Mastering the process of leather production is essential for thriving in Manor Lords. By following these steps and strategic considerations, players can optimize their settlement management, unlock crucial upgrades, and progress swiftly through the game’s challenges.