How to Pass Time in Wuthering Waves

Bilal |  Published: May 26, 2024

Learn how to pass time in Wuthering Waves, check the current time, and understand the benefits of time manipulation for quests and events.

In Wuthering Waves, the day and night cycle plays a significant role in the game’s mechanics and storytelling. Being able to control time can help you complete quests and navigate through various in-game events more efficiently. This guide will explain how to pass time in Wuthering Waves, check the current time, and understand the benefits of time manipulation.

How to Pass Time

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Clock Feature in Terminal

The primary method for passing time in Wuthering Waves is through the Clock Feature, accessible in the Terminal Menu. The Clock Feature is represented by a clock icon located at the bottom of the screen, conveniently positioned next to the Inbox icon, represented by an envelope.

Within the Clock Feature, players can adjust the in-game time by scrolling the pillars left and right to select the desired hour. The maximum time jump allowed is up to two days later. This feature enables players to skip ahead to specific times, which can be particularly useful for completing time-sensitive quests or encountering specific events that occur only at certain times of the day.

How to Check Time

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Go to Clock Feature

Currently, the most accurate way to check the in-game time is by manually accessing the Clock Feature in the Terminal Menu. This feature not only displays the current hour but also the minutes, giving players a precise understanding of the in-game time.

Various Screens in Jinzhou City

In Jinzhou City, players can find miniature screens scattered throughout the area that display the accurate in-game time. These screens serve as a quick reference for players without needing to open the Terminal Menu. However, this feature might be exclusive to Jinzhou City and may not be available in other locations.

Why Should You Pass Time?

Time-Related Quests

One of the primary reasons to manipulate time in Wuthering Waves is to manage time-related quests. Certain quests require players to wait for a specific time to trigger events or progress to the next part of the questline. For example, some companion quests, like the Lingyang Companion Quest, might need a specific time to activate the next phase. Players can either wait and be notified when the quest is ready or use the Clock Feature to jump ahead and trigger the event immediately.

Benefits of Time Manipulation

  • Efficiency: Skipping ahead to the required time can save players from waiting around, allowing them to focus on other activities or quests in the meantime.
  • Quest Progression: Quickly advance time to complete time-sensitive quests and avoid delays in your adventure.
  • Event Participation: Participate in events or activities that only occur at specific times, ensuring you don’t miss out on valuable opportunities or rewards.

By understanding and utilizing the time manipulation feature in Wuthering Waves, players can streamline their gameplay experience, making it more enjoyable and less tedious.