How to Repair Items in No Rest for the Wicked

ruekuma |  Published: April 26, 2024

Find out how to repair items in No Rest for the Wicked and where to find the right expertise with this guide.

As you fight enemies and move through challenging areas in No Rest for the Wicked, your weapons and armor will slowly wear out. This will leave you vulnerable if not properly maintained. This guide will break down how to repair your items and where to find the right expertise for that in No Rest for the Wicked.

How to Repair Items in No Rest for the Wicked

Weapon Stats in No Rest for the Wicked
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The key to maintaining your equipment’s effectiveness lies in understanding the game’s durability system. With each strike taken and every fall sustained, your weapons and armor will slowly lose their integrity.

Should their durability reach zero, the items will become unusable, leaving you defenseless until repaired. To avoid such a dire situation, you must actively seek out methods to restore your gear’s condition.

Fortunately, No Rest for the Wicked offers two primary approaches to achieve this: utilizing the services of Fillmore the Blacksmith or employing the limited resource known as Repair Powder.

The Blacksmith’s Touch: Fillmore’s Expertise

Fillmore the Blacksmith Location
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As you progress through the main story, you will eventually encounter Fillmore, a skilled blacksmith held captive in Mariner’s Keep.

Freeing Fillmore: The Key to Repair

Before you can take advantage of Fillmore’s repair services, you must first locate and rescue him from his captors. This crucial step occurs early in your journey, even before reaching the city of Sacrament.

As you explore the southwestern region of Mariner’s Keep, you’ll come across three Risen thugs holding Fillmore captive. These formidable foes will not relinquish their hostage easily, requiring you to carefully strategize your approach. Some effective tactics are:

  • Utilize Scrap Bombs to deal area-of-effect damage.
  • Lure the enemies into a choke point and exploit their tendency to clump together.
  • Wield a large two-handed weapon or a one-handed weapon with a wide arc which proves advantageous in handling multiple enemies simultaneously.

However, it’s important to note that loot in No Rest for the Wicked is randomly generated, so there’s no guarantee you’ll have acquired the ideal armaments by the time you encounter Fillmore’s captors.

Once you’ve successfully defeated the Risen thugs, approach Fillmore and engage in dialogue. Grateful for his newfound freedom, he will not only provide you with the Gate Lever Handle, granting access to Sacrament but also offer his invaluable repair services.

Repair All or Repair Equipped

How to Repair Items in No Rest for the Wicked
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From this point forward, you can select the ‘Repair’ option when conversing with Fillmore, allowing you to choose between ‘Repair All’ to restore durability to every item in your possession, or ‘Repair Equipped’ to focus solely on the gear you currently have equipped.

Initially, Fillmore’s services will be free of charge. However, once he establishes his permanent smithy in Sacrament’s Marketplace, you will need to pay a fee for his expertise.

The cost will vary based on the amount of durability that needs to be restored, ensuring a fair price for his invaluable assistance.

The Rarity of Repair Powder

While Fillmore’s services provide a reliable means of repairing your gear, the game also offers a more limited resource known as Repair Powder. This consumable item can restore a set amount of durability to all your equipped items, providing a convenient solution when you find yourself in dire straits.

However, Repair Powder is a random drop from chests and breakable objects, making it a scarce commodity. It’s best to use your resources carefully and lean on Fillmore’s skills when you can.

Fillmore the Blacksmith in No Rest for the Wicked
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As you play No Rest for the Wicked, taking care of your gear will help keep it in good condition. Knowing how to repair your weapons and armor and using your resources smartly can help keep your gear ready for battle.