How to Solve Wisdom Puzzle Side Quest in Stellar Blade

ruekuma |  Published: April 27, 2024

Find out how to complete the Wisdom Puzzle Side Quest in Stellar Blade and solve the problem with this guide.

Following the previous puzzle side quest, Stellar Blade has dropped another side quest that challenges you beyond its combat encounters. One such brain-teasing task is the Wisdom Puzzle side quest, which tests your mathematical skill. This guide breaks down how to solve the Wisdom Puzzle side quest in Stellar Blade.

How to Solve the Wisdom Puzzle in Stellar Blade

Wisdom Puzzle Side Quest in Stellar Blade
Shift Up

After successfully completing the Simple Puzzle side quest, head back to the bulletin board and accept the Wisdom Puzzle side quest. This will lead you to the same location as the previous puzzle.

The Wisdom Puzzle presents you with a set of equations involving numbers separated by a hashtag (#). Your objective is to decipher the pattern and provide the missing answer.

Here’s an example of what the puzzle might look like:

  • 37#21 = 928
  • 77#44 = 3993
  • 123#17 = 14840
  • 71#6 = ?

At first glance, the relationship between the numbers and the answers may seem puzzling. However, the solution lies in a specific pattern:

  • Subtract the second number from the first number.
  • Multiply the result from step 1 with the sum of the two original numbers.

For instance, in the equation 37#21 = 928, the solution is (37 + 21) x (37 – 21) = 58 x 16 = 928.

Following this pattern, the answer to the final equation (71#6) is 5005.

Submit the Solution and Get the Rewards

Wisdom Puzzle Solution in Stellar Blade
Bazzy Plays /Gamewitted

Once you’ve cracked the code, head to the terminal near the starting area of Xion and enter 5005 to complete the Wisdom Puzzle side quest.

Return to the bulletin board to claim your well-deserved rewards:

  • x1,000 Gold
  • Queen of Arithmetic Badge

With the Wisdom Puzzle completed, you can continue your journey as Eve tasked with liberating Earth from the clutches of the Naytiba.

Challenge yourself with other quests in Stellar Blade to increase not only your martial but also your problem-solving abilities.