How to Tame Llamas – Soulmask Mount Guide for Beginners

Suki |  Published: June 02, 2024

Learn how to tame llamas in Soulmask and use them as your mount. You’ll find everything you need to know here!

In the vast world of Soulmask, llamas stand out as one of the most prized and versatile mounts. Swifter than alpacas, these majestic creatures offer players a unique advantage in traversing the game’s diverse landscapes. This comprehensive guide will equip you with the essential knowledge to tame llamas and use them as your mounts in Soulmask.

How to Tame Llamas in Soulmask

how to tame llama in soulmask
Image Credits: KiahOnFire via YouTube /GameWitted

The first step in taming llamas is locating their spawning grounds. One of the most accessible areas is near the Mysterious Portal (Hill), particularly in the dark regions surrounding it.

Llamas can also be found further north, but the area around the portal remains the most convenient starting point, especially for players who have unlocked the second portal in the Rainforest biome.

You will need a medium trap and a supply of corn, which serves as bait to lure the llamas into the trap. Both items can be found under the Animal Breeding tab, specifically in the Trap section.

Here is the step-by-step process to tame llamas in Soulmask:

Scout for Baby Llamas

how to tame llama in soulmask
Image Credits: KiahOnFire via YouTube /GameWitted

Upon reaching the llama spawning grounds, use abilities like Life Perception to easily identify and locate the baby llamas, which are the only ones that can be tamed.

Trap and Capture

how to tame llama in soulmask
Image Credits: KiahOnFire via YouTube /GameWitted

Place the medium trap in a strategic location, preferably close to the baby llamas you’ve spotted. Bait the trap with corn, then back away to avoid spooking the llamas.

Patiently observe as the baby llamas are drawn to the corn-baited trap. Once a baby llama enters the trap, the door will close, signaling a successful capture.

Transport and Nurture

how to tame llama in soulmask
Image Credits: KiahOnFire via YouTube /GameWitted

After capturing the baby llama, you have two options: carry it home carefully in your arms or use a Wicker Basket to transport multiple tamed llamas more efficiently.

Once at your base, provide the llama with sweet corn, llama feed, and a water trough to ensure its healthy growth into adulthood.

Other Locations to Find Llamas in Soulmask

For more experienced players, the Highlands region offers additional llama spawning grounds, though the llamas found here tend to be higher in level.

Keep an eye out for the elusive white llamas, a rare and visually striking variant that can occasionally be encountered.

If you encounter only adult llamas in an area, consider stunning or defeating them to refresh the spawn and allow baby llamas to appear.

How to Use a Llama as Your Mount in Soulmask

how to tame llama in soulmask
Image Credits: KiahOnFire via YouTube /GameWitted

Once you’ve tamed a cute little llama baby, you’ll want to get a saddle for it to ride on when it grows up. The game makes this pretty easy for you.

In the Saddle Craft menu in the knowledge and technology tab, you can make a Llama Saddle. This special saddle lets you hop on your llama’s back and travel around quickly. It’s one of the first saddles you can craft, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting the materials you need.

But that’s not all the Saddle Craft menu offers for llama lovers! You can also make a Wicker Basket to carry multiple tamed baby llamas at once. Instead of lugging them home one-by-one, you can stick the babies in the basket.

And there’s the Extended Seat Cushion too. With this, you can plop any knocked-out NPCs on your llama’s back and transport them.


By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can now tame llamas and use them as your mount in Soulmask.

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