How to Unlock Bat Form in V Rising

ruekuma |  Published: June 03, 2024

Learn how to unlock and use Bat Form in V Rising. Discover its benefits, limitations, and strategies in this guide.

Bat Form is a significant power that offers the ability to turn into a bat and fly across difficult terrain in V Rising. This guide will explain how to unlock the Bat Form, its benefits, and its limitations in V Rising.

How to Unlock Bat Form in V Rising

V Rising Bat Form
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The Bat Form is the highest level transformation you can achieve in V Rising. To unlock it, head to the swamp in the top right corner of the map.

There, you need to defeat a boss named Nightmarshal Styx, who patrols this area. Styx is a level 76 boss, making the fight quite challenging.

Beat Styx the Sunderer

V Rising Nightmarshal Styx
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Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer is one of the toughest bosses in V Rising due to his diverse abilities.

He can teleport, summon creatures, and unleash powerful area-of-effect (AoE) attacks. To defeat him, consider these strategies:

  • Use Summons: Abilities that summon creatures, like those summoning skeletons, can help distract Styx and deal additional damage.
  • Chaos Barrage: This ability is effective against Styx, allowing you to hit him from a distance while avoiding his attacks.
  • Team Tactics: If you’re in a team, coordinate attacks and heal each other when necessary. Having one teammate pull away to heal and then rejoin the fight can be beneficial.
  • Deal with Adds: During the fight, Styx will summon minions that have high health. Focus on killing them quickly to minimize their impact on the battle.

Keep in mind that the minions Styx summons do not despawn after his death, so be prepared to deal with them even after the boss fight concludes.

Once Styx is defeated, you will unlock the Bat Form. This transformation offers several benefits but also comes with certain limitations.

Benefits and Limitations of Bat Form in V Rising

V Rising Bat Form
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Using the Bat Form in V Rising has the following benefits and limitations:

V Rising Bat Form
BenefitsBat Form allows you to fly over terrain, making it easier to navigate the map quickly.
You can move at a speed comparable to a horse, though slightly slower.
This form lets you bypass obstacles and reach inaccessible areas effortlessly.
It’s useful for scouting and exploring new regions.
LimitationsYou cannot carry resources while in Bat Form.
Any items you hold will prevent the transformation.
Flying in Bat Form during the day is risky due to sun exposure. Without shadows to provide cover, you will take significant damage.
Use Bat Form only at night or when quickly hopping over ridges or mountains during the day.
While in Bat Form, your vision of the ground is restricted. This prevents you from scouting effectively from above and stops you from ambushing other players directly from the sky.
V Rising Bat Form Benefits and Limitations

Effective Use of Bat Form in V Rising

How to Get Bat Form in V Rising
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To maximize the benefits of Bat Form in V Rising, consider the following tips:

  • Use Bat Form primarily at night to avoid sun damage. This is the safest time to utilize its flying capabilities.
  • Use Bat Form for fast travel between locations, especially when you need to bypass difficult terrain.
  • In combat, avoid using Bat Form unless necessary for quick escapes or repositioning. Its limitations in vision and resource carrying make it less effective during fights.


Unlocking and mastering the Bat Form provides all the benefits for navigation and exploration in V Rising.

By defeating Styx and understanding the form’s strengths and weaknesses, you can effectively incorporate Bat Form into your V Rising gameplay. Use it wisely to enhance your experience and dominate the world of V Rising.