How to Upgrade Houses in Manor Lords

Suki |  Published: April 26, 2024

Discover how to upgrade houses or burgage plots in Manor Lords in this detailed guide.

In Manor Lords, managing your resources and fostering a thriving community are paramount. One crucial aspect is upgrading the houses, a.k.a burgage plots. By improving these living quarters, you can attract more families, increase production, and ensure a prosperous village. This guide covers all you need to know on how to upgrade houses in Manor Lords.

How to Upgrade Houses / Burgage Plots in Manor Lords

how to upgrade houses manor lords
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To start the upgrade process for a burgage plot, click on the house icon at the top of its summary. However, before proceeding, you must fulfill specific local requirements. These vary based on the desired upgrade level and proximity to essential village amenities.

Level One Upgrade

For the initial upgrade, you only need four timber, a relatively straightforward requirement.

Level Two Upgrade

To upgrade a burgage plot to level two, ensure the following conditions are met:

  • Presence of a church and a well within the region.
  • At least one fuel stall, one clothing stall, and two distinct food stalls in close proximity.

Level Three Upgrade

Upgrading to a level three house requires meeting additional criteria:

  • A tavern with a steady supply of ale.
  • A stone church or higher within the village.
  • Continued access to a water supply (from the previous level’s requirements).
  • Three unique food supply stalls instead of two.
  • Two clothing stalls, with one offering garments like shoes or cloaks, and the other providing materials such as leather or yarn.

Consequently, you may need to import these goods or construct and upgrade specific workshops, like a Tailor’s or Cobbler’s Workshop.

Why You Should Upgrade Houses

how to upgrade houses manor lords
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While upgrading houses is crucial for attracting new residents, it is not the only factor influencing population growth. Maintaining a high approval rating for your manor is equally important.

By carefully managing resources, fulfilling the needs of your people, and strategically expanding your village, you can create a thriving community in Manor Lords. And hey, it all starts with upgrading your houses!


Remember, the key to success lies in striking a balance between resource allocation, resident satisfaction, and strategic planning. With patience and perseverance, you can transform your humble village into a flourishing medieval wonder by upgrading the houses as your first step.