Kalista Build Wild Rift: Best Build, Counters, Ability Order, and More

Kyuma |  Published: April 10, 2024

Unleash Kalista’s potential in Wild Rift with her best build guide. Master her unique playstyle, combos, and itemization to dominate the Rift.

Kalista is a unique marksman coming to Wild Rift. With her high mobility, sustained damage, and ability to kite enemies, Kalista offers a fun but hard-to-master playstyle that sets her apart from other ADCs.

This Kalista Wild Rift build guide will provide you with the essential information to master her mechanics and dominate the Rift.

Kalista Wild Rift Build and Runes

Blade of the Ruined King wid riftRunaan's Hurricane wild riftTerminus wild riftBerserker's GreavesBloodthirster wild riftGuardian Angel wild rift
Blade of the Ruined KingRunaan’s Hurricane TerminusBerserker’s GreavesBloodthirsterGuardian Angel
Kalista Wild Rift Build

To maximize Kalista’s potential, building the right items is crucial. Start with a Long Sword for early damage. Core items include Blade of the Ruined King for sustain and on-hit damage, Runaan’s Hurricane for multi-target damage and Rend synergy, and Terminus for attack speed and armor penetration.

For boots, opt for Berserker’s Greaves to further increase Kalista’s attack speed. Upgrade them with the Quicksilver enchantment to remove crowd control effects and stay mobile in fights.

Lethal Tempo wild riftbrutal wild riftCoup de GraceLegend: AlacritySudden Impact
Lethal TempoBrutalCoup de GraceLegend: AlacritySudden Impact
Kalista Wild Rift Runes

Rune-wise, take Lethal Tempo as your keystone for increased attack speed during extended trades. Complement it with Brutal for additional damage, Coup de Grace for executing low health targets, Legend: Alacrity for even more attack speed, and Bone Plating to reduce incoming damage.

Kalista Skill Upgrade Order

Prioritizing the right skills is key to Kalista’s success:

  • Max Rend (E) first for high damage and reset potential
  • Take a point in Pierce (Q) at level 2 for poking and last-hitting
  • Max Sentinel (W) at last.
  • Upgrade Fate’s Call (R) whenever possible

Kalista Abilities

Understanding Kalista’s abilities is essential to mastering her playstyle:

Martial Poise (Passive)
Kalista can dash in the direction of her movement while auto-attacking.
Kalista pierce
Pierce (Q)
Kalista throws a spear that deals physical damage and transfers Rend stacks if it kills a target.
Kalista Sentinel
Sentinel (W)
Kalista and her Oathsworn deal bonus magic damage when attacking the same target. She can also send a sentinel to scout an area.
Kalista Rend
Rend (E)
Kalista’s auto-attacks leave spears in enemies, which can be ripped out to deal physical damage and slow. If Rend kills a target, its cooldown is reset.
Kalista Fate's Call
Fate’s Call (R)
Kalista pulls her Oathsworn to her location, making them untargetable. The Oathsworn can then dash in a direction, knocking up enemies they collide with.
Kalista Abilities Wild Rift

Kalista Ability Combos

Mastering Kalista’s ability combos is crucial for maximizing her damage output and outplaying opponents. Here are some essential combos to practice:

  1. Poke Combo: Pierce (Q) + Rend (E)
    • Use Pierce to poke enemies from a safe distance, then follow up with Rend to deal additional damage and retrieve the spear.
  2. Engage Combo: Fate’s Call (R) + Pierce (Q) + Rend (E)
    • Initiate a fight with Fate’s Call, launching your Oathsworn into the enemy team. Immediately follow up with Pierce and Rend for quick burst damage.
  3. Kiting Combo: Auto-attack + Martial Poise (Passive) + Rend (E)
    • Utilize Kalista’s passive to kite enemies while auto-attacking. Weave in Rend whenever possible to deal extra damage and slow pursuers.

Remember to adapt your combos based on the situation and your Oathsworn’s abilities. Effective communication and coordination with your Oathsworn are key to unlocking Kalista’s full potential.

How to Play Kalista in Wild Rift

Kalista Tips Wild Rift
Image Credits: Riot

Kalista’s playstyle revolves around her high mobility and ability to kite enemies. During the laning phase, focus on last-hitting minions with Rend and poking enemies with Pierce. Use Sentinel to scout for potential ganks and maintain vision control.

In teamfights, Kalista’s main goal is to deal consistent damage while staying safe. Use Martial Poise to reposition constantly and avoid enemy skillshots. Stack Rend on multiple targets and use it to secure kills or chunk down tankier champions. Use Fate’s Call to engage with your Oathsworn and set up advantageous fights when the opportunity arises.

Kalista Gameplay Breakdown

Early Game: Focus on farming and harassing enemies with Pierce. Look for opportunities to all-in with your support when you reach level 6.

Mid Game: Group with your team and participate in objectives. Use your mobility to kite enemies and deal sustained damage in skirmishes.

Late Game: Position safely in teamfights and shred through the enemy frontline. Use Fate’s Call to peel for your teammates or engage on priority targets.

Kalista is a challenging but rewarding champion to master in Wild Rift. By following this Kalista build guide and practicing her unique mechanics, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a formidable presence on the Rift.