Monopoly Go Altruistic Auction Rewards and Milestones

Scarletrune |  Published: April 13, 2024

Get ready to rake in some juicy rewards and milestones on the Monopoly Go Altruistic Auction event!

Monopoly GO players are in for a treat with the latest solo event, Altruistic Auction, which kicked off on April 11th, 2024. This exciting three-day event offers numerous rewards and milestones for players to unlock!

Monopoly Go Altruistic Auction Rewards and Milestones

Monopoly Go Altruistic Auction Rewards

Altruistic Auction boasts an impressive 41 tiers of milestones, each offering unique rewards such as cash prizes, sticker packs, and a variety of in-game boosts.

MilestoneEvent PointsRewards
125 PointsOne-Star Green Sticker Pack
240 Points20 Dice Rolls
350 PointsCash
4125 Points75 Dice Rolls
555 PointsCash
650 PointsOne-Star Green Sticker Pack
760 PointsCash Boost (5 Min)
8350 Points200 Dice Rolls
975 PointsCash
1090 PointsTwo-Star Yellow Sticker Pack
11100 PointsCash
12800 Points400 Dice Rolls
13125 PointsTwo-Star Yellow Sticker Pack
14200 PointsCash
15250 Points20 Minutes Build Boost
161,200 Points600 Dice Rolls
17180 PointsCash
18200 PointsThree-Star Pink Sticker Pack
19250 PointsCash
202,000 Points800 Dice Rolls
21350 Points10 Minutes High Roller Boost
22275 PointsCash
23400 Points130 Dice Rolls
243,000 Points1,200 Dice Rolls
25500 PointsThree-Star Pink Sticker Pack
26600 PointsFour-Star Blue Sticker Pack
27700 Points30 Minutes Build Boost
284,500 Points1,800 Dice Rolls
291,000 Points10 Minutes Cash Boost
301,200 PointsCash
311,600 PointsFour-Star Blue Sticker Pack
322,000 PointsCash
337,000 PointsFive-Star Purple Sticker Pack
342,500 PointsCash
356,500 Points2,000 Dice Rolls
363,500 PointsCash
379,000 Points3,000 Dice Rolls
382,500 PointsFour-Star Blue Sticker Pack
395,000 PointsFive-Star Purple Sticker Pack
406,000 PointsCash
4116,000 Points6,500 Dice Rolls

These milestones and rewards provide players with valuable in-game boosts and resources to help them progress through the event and beyond. While the recently concluded Fountain Partners event means there won’t be any gold coins up for grabs, players can still look forward to a wide array of valuable prizes.

How to Earn Points in Monopoly Go Altruistic Auction

How to Earn Points in Monopoly Go Altruistic Auction

To earn points in the Altruistic Auction event, players must land on specific tiles on the game board:

  • Chance Tiles: Award 2 points
  • Community Chest Tiles: Award 3 points
  • Railroad Tiles: Award 5 points

Railroad tiles are the most valuable since they give the most points and tournament points. Chance tiles are better than Community Chest tiles because they can move you directly to the next Railroad, offering more chances to earn points

The Altruistic Auction event in Monopoly Go is a great chance for players to get valuable resources and make big strides in the game. You can win dice rolls, sticker packs, and boosts. Don’t miss out! Join before the event ends on April 14th, 2024, and start building your empire!