Monopoly GO Billions Dash Rewards and Milestones

Kyuma |  Published: April 25, 2024

Discover all the rewards and milestones in Monopoly GO’s Billions Dash event. Learn how to earn points and maximize your in-game progress.

Monopoly GO has launched an exciting new event called Billions Dash. This limited-time event, running for 24 hours starting on April 25th, offers players the opportunity to accumulate points and reach various milestones, unlocking many in-game rewards.

From free Dice rolls to Sticker Packs and Cash, the Billions Dash event is a fantastic way for players to boost their progress and increase their net worth in Monopoly GO.

In this guide, we’ll explore the entire list of rewards and milestones available in the Billions Dash event and provide valuable tips and tricks for earning points efficiently.

Billions Dash Rewards and Milestones

Monopoly GO Billions Dash Rewards and Milestones
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The Billions Dash event in Monopoly GO follows a familiar format, requiring players to accumulate points to unlock rewards tied to specific milestones. The ultimate goal is to earn as many free Dice rolls as possible, with the maximum obtainable amount being 5,465.

However, the event also offers a wide range of other rewards. Here’s the complete list of milestones and Monopoly GO Billions Dash rewards:

MilestonePointsMonopoly GO Billions Dash Rewards
14040x Dice Rolls
260Sticker Pack
39070x Dice Rolls
41205 Minutes High Roller
512080x Dice Rolls
7180Sticker Pack
815015 Minutes Mega Heist
9180Sticker Pack
10230150x Dice Rolls
12360Sticker Pack
13450250x Dice Rolls
1550010 Minutes Cash Boost
16650400x Dice Rolls
17700Sticker Pack
19900575x Dice Rolls
211,200Sticker Pack
221,400700x Dice Rolls
2375010 Minutes High Roller
251,700800x Dice Rolls
271,8501,000x Dice Rolls
281,10025 Minutes Mega Heist
303,2001,400x Dice Rolls
Monopoly GO Billions Dash rewards

Tips and Tricks for Earning Points

To make the most of the Billions Dash event, players should focus on strategies that maximize their point-earning potential. Here are some essential tips and tricks:

  1. Prioritize landing on the Railroad tile: Triggering the Shutdown and Bank Heist mini-games by landing on the Railroad tile is one of the most effective ways to earn points quickly.
  2. Increase your Dice multiplier: Before attempting to land on the Railroad tile, try to increase your Dice multiplier to amplify your point gains.
  3. Participate in parallel events and tournaments: Engaging in other ongoing events and tournaments alongside Billions Dash can provide additional opportunities to earn points.
  4. Play Monopoly GO regularly: Simply playing the game and participating in your usual activities will contribute to your point total, so stay active throughout the event duration.