MultiVersus Perks Tier List: All Offense Perks Ranked (June 2024)

Scarletrune |  Published: June 02, 2024

This comprehensive MultiVersus perks tier list ranks all the offense perks available in the game, from the most powerful to the least effective.

The relaunch of MultiVersus includes complex gameplay elements like perks. Perks are power-ups that give your characters specific buffs during battle. The perks in MultiVersus are divided into two types, offensive and defensive perks.

In this comprehensive guide, we will now rank all the available offensive perks in Multiversus from the best to the worst ones, giving you the insight you need before going into battles in the game.

MultiVersus Perks Tier List: All Offense Perks Ranked (June 2024)

MultiVersus Perks Tier List- All Offense Perks Ranked (June 2024)

When choosing a perk for your character in MultiVersus, always try to consider your playstyle. Here is a summary of our MultiVersus offense perks tier list:

MultiVersus Offense Perks Tier List (June 2024)
S-TierCoffeezilla, Snowball Effect, and That’s Flammable, Doc!
A-TierDeadshot, Make It Rain, Dog!, Shirt Cannon Sniper, The Purest of Motivations, and Wildcat Brawler
B-TierClear the Air, Collateral Damage, Lumpy Space Punch, Painted Target, and Tasmanian Trigonometry
C-TierHit ‘Em While They’re Down, Percussive Punch Power, Retaliation-Ready, Speed Force Assist, Stronger Than Ever, and Up Up and A-Slay
D-TierStatic Electricity

MultiVersus S-Tier Offense Perks

These offense perks are essential for any serious MultiVersus player. They provide significant advantages and can change the outcome of a battle

Offense PerkIconDescription
CoffeezillaCoffeezilla MultiVersusProvides an incredible boost to your character’s abilities.
Snowball EffectSnowball Effect MultiVersusAllows you to quickly rack up damage on enemies.
That’s Flammable, Doc!That's Flammable, Doc! MultiVersusIgnites enemies after knocking them back with a projectile.

MultiVersus A-Tier Offense Perks

While not as powerful as the S-Tier offense perks, these options are still very strong and can give you a significant advantage over your opponents.

Offense PerkIconDescription
DeadshotDeadshot Perk MultiVersusA solid choice for characters who rely heavily on projectiles.
Make It Rain, Dog!Make It Rain Dog MultiVersusFaster projectile speed means your attacks are harder to dodge.
Shirt Cannon SniperShirt Cannon Sniper MultiVersusIncreases your projectile damage from afar and keeps your opponents at bay.
The Purest of MotivationsThe Purest of Motivations MultiVersusGains a powerful offensive buff when your teammate is knocked out.
Wildcat BrawlerWildcat Brawler MultiVersusWith increased melee damage on the ground.

MultiVersus B-Tier Offense Perks

These offense perks may not be as good as higher-tier ones, but they still provide solid benefits and can be valuable in the right hands.

Offense PerkIconDescription
Clear the AirClear the Air MultiVersusGains a temporary damage buff after knocking an enemy into the air.
Collateral DamageCollateral Damage Perk MultiVersusDeals additional damage when knocking enemies into walls or floors.
Lumpy Space PunchLumpy Space Punch MultiVersusThis perk is perfect for characters who excel in aerial combat.
Painted TargetPainted Target MultiVersusIncreases your damage output against enemies in hit stun.
Tasmanian TrigonometryTasmanian Trigonometry MultiVersusAllows you to control the battlefield with precise angles.

MultiVersus C-Tier Offense Perks

While not as universally useful as the offense perks in higher tiers, these perks can still be effective in certain situations or on specific characters.

Offense PerkIconDescription
Hit ‘Em While They’re DownHit 'Em While They're Down Perk MultiVersusIncreases damage against knocked-down enemies.
Percussive Punch PowerPercussive Punch Power MultiVersusIncreases damage to horizontal knockback attacks.
Retaliation-ReadyRetaliation-Ready MultiVersusGains a damage boost after being knocked back.
Speed Force AssistSpeed Force Assist MultiVersusGains a burst of speed after hitting an enemy.
Stronger Than EverStronger Than Ever MultiVersusGains a temporary damage buff after reaching a certain damage threshold.
Up Up and A-SlayUp, Up, and A-Slay MultiVersusIncreases damage to upward knockback attacks.

MultiVersus D-Tier Offense Perks

This offense perk is generally outclassed by other options in most situations.

Offense PerkIconDescription
Static ElectricityStatic Electricity MultiVersusApplies the shocked status effect to enemies.

While this tier list provides a general overview of the best and worst offense perks in MultiVersus, it’s important to remember that character choice in the game, and your personal playstyle are the things that greatly influence the effectiveness of each perk! So good luck in experimenting and finding the best offense perks in MultiVersus!