All New Rings in Remnant 2 The Forgotten Kingdom DLC

Suki |  Published: April 25, 2024

Discover all the new rings in Remnant 2 The Forgotten Kingdom DLC, their effects, and where to find them in this detailed guide.

Remnant 2, the highly anticipated action-RPG, has recently received a new DLC expansion called The Forgotten Kingdom. This expansion brings a fresh wave of content, including new puzzles, Invoker archetype, and most importantly, a collection of powerful new rings. This guide covers the list of all new rings in The Forgotten Kingdom DLC.

All New Rings in The Forgotten Kingdom DLC

new rings in remnant 2 the forgotten kingdom DLC

In Remnant 2, rings are more than just fashion statements; they are essential tools that can offer game-changing advantages. From increasing damage output to improving survivability, each ring offers a unique effect that can complement a player’s playstyle or build.

With the release of The Forgotten Kingdom DLC, a new set of rings has been introduced, providing you with even more options to customize their characters and enhance your combat abilities.

Here’s a closer look at these new rings and what they bring to the table:

Ring NameEffectHow to GetImage
Bloodless King’s VowAdds 4% of base ranged damage as lifestealDefeating the Bloodless Heir boss in Goddess’ RestBloodless-King-Ring
Burden of the MasonImpairs dodge but increases melee damageHidden room in Luminous ValeBurden-of-the-Mason-ring
Burden of the MesmerReduces max health but increases damageBought from WaltBurden-of-the-Mesmer-ring
Feathery BindingBoosts projectile speed and reduces charge timeAwarded by Walt for defeating LydusaFeathery-Binding-Ring
Mark of the DestroyerPerfect dodge triggers AOE blastMoon Tile puzzle in Earthen ColiseumMark-of-the-Destroyer-ring
Matriarch’s RingPerfect dodge reduces charged melee stamina costAncient CanopyMatriarchs-Ring
Pan War BandIncreases movement, reload, and fire rateInfected Abysspan-war-band-ring
Rally BandMelee strikes convert Grey HealthHuman NPC in Luminous ValeRally-Band-Ring
Ravager’s BargainIncreases damage and critical chance while BleedingBought from WaltRing-of-Spirits
Ring of SpiritsIncreases mod generation per active consumableInvisible wall in Infected AbyssRavagers-Bargain-ring
Tear of LydusaIncreases healing and lifesteal efficacyLydusa’s chamberTear-of-Lydusa-ring
Thalos EyeletGrants Bulwark stacks and Stamina RegenRandom loot in Luminous ValeThalos-Eyelet-ring
Token of FavorIncreases damage and critical chance against exposed targetsHidden path in Deserted AtelierToken-of-Favor-ring
New Remnant 2 Rings in The Forgotten Kingdom DLC


Whether you’re looking to increase your damage output, improve your survivability, or enhance your mobility, the new rings introduced in The Forgotten Kingdom DLC has got you covered. Getting these rings can be a challenging task, such as beating Lydusa in a boss fight, but the rewards they offer make the effort worthwhile.