No Rest for the Wicked: How to Unlock Finley’s Shop

Bilal |  Published: April 25, 2024

Discover how to unlock Finley’s shop in No Rest for the Wicked and learn about its limited hours of operation.

In the expansive world of No Rest for the Wicked, uncovering hidden merchants like Finley adds a new layer of intrigue and opportunity. Discovering Finley’s elusive shop and understanding his unique schedule is crucial for obtaining rare and powerful gear to aid you in your adventures.

Unlocking Finley’s Shop

No rest fir the Wicked Quarry Guard Key
Image credit: Moon Studios

To gain access to Finley’s shop, follow these steps while exploring the Nameless Pass in Servant of God:

  1. Locate the Wheel: In an open area within the Nameless Pass, you’ll encounter a central wheel. Use it to open the first door on the left.
  2. Climb to the Platform: Next, utilize the broken wall to the right of the wheel to ascend to a higher platform. Here, you’ll hear Finley’s call for liberation.
  3. Obtain the Quarry Guard Key: To free Finley, you’ll need the Quarry Guard Key. From Finley’s location, head left to solid ground, then climb the long ladder in the upper left corner to reach a higher platform. Navigate through the area by using vines and dropping down from a cliff to reach a ledge where the Quarry Guard Key is located.

With the key in hand, return to Finley to unlock his shop and gain access to his exclusive inventory of rare goods.

Finding Finley’s Shop

Once you’ve liberated Finley, locate his shop near the northeast exit of Sacrament. However, accessing Finley’s shop isn’t as straightforward as visiting any ordinary vendor. Finley operates on a strict schedule:

  • Opening Hours: Finley’s shop is only accessible on Saturdays.
  • Time: His shop operates from 8am to 12am on Saturdays.

Why Visit Finley

No Rest for the Wicked Finley Items
Image credit: Moon Studios

Finley’s shop is a treasure trove of unique and powerful gear, making it essential for preparing yourself for challenging encounters, including boss fights like Darak and Warrick the Torn. Take advantage of Finley’s offerings to enhance your arsenal and elevate your gameplay in No Rest for the Wicked.

Uncover the secrets of Finley’s shop and make the most of his limited availability to equip yourself for the perils that lie ahead in this captivating world.