No Rest for the Wicked: Legendary Weapons and How to get Them

Bilal |  Published: April 25, 2024

Discover all legendary weapons in No Rest for the Wicked and learn how to obtain each one.

In No Rest for the Wicked, acquiring legendary weapons can significantly enhance your combat capabilities. These top-tier weapons are coveted for their exceptional stats and unique abilities. Below is a detailed list of all legendary weapons available in the game, categorized by type, along with their attributes and requirements.

All Legendary Weapons

Weapon TypeLegendary WeaponAttackStamina CostAdds FocusDurabilityScales WithRequirements
Dual-Wielding Double DaggersBleeder’s Delight
Bleeders Delight
15122810Dexterity42 Dexterity
One-Handed KnifeMidnight Blade
Midnight Blade
1095210Dexterity, Intelligence16 Dexterity, 16 Intelligence
KatanaWind of Death
Wind of Death
19118610Dexterity, Faith26 Dexterity, 26 Faith
One-Handed RapierSinew
1073810Faith, Wisdom16 Faith, 16 Wisdom
One-Handed Straight SwordFalstead’s Fury
falstead fury
16129910Strength, Faith22 Strength, 22 Faith
One-Handed SpearProud LanceProud Lance25198910Dexterity, Strength38 Dexterity, 38 Faith
Two-Handed GreatswordCorpse Smeared Blade
corpse smeared blade
12228320Strength11 Strength
Two-Handed Great HammerCinder & Stone
cinder and stone
22226630Intelligence, Strength16 Intelligence, 16 Strength
Two-Handed StaffFalling SkyFalling Sky22117810Intelligence42 Intelligence
Two-Handed Great ClubFetid Club
Fetid Club
24206530Faith26 Faith
One-Handed BowLacquered Bow
Lacquered bow
153610Dexterity42 Dexterity

How to Obtain Legendary Weapons

Legendary weapons in No Rest for the Wicked can be obtained through endgame activities such as farming “The Crucible” dungeon and defeating the final boss, the Echo Knight. Additionally, chests located after boss encounters have a chance to yield legendary weapon drops. However, acquiring these weapons may require farming Fallen Embers for dungeon entry and entails RNG-based drops.

Best Weapon Type

The best weapon type in No Rest for the Wicked is the Dual-Wielding Double Daggers, specifically the “Bleeder’s Delight.” These daggers provide excellent mobility, attack speed, and unique bonuses like bonus Stagger damage and no Stamina decrease while running. Equip these legendary weapons strategically to dominate your adversaries in No Rest for the Wicked!