Once Human: How to Get and Repair Your Motorcycle

Kyuma |  Published: July 10, 2024

Learn how to acquire and maintain your Motorcycle in Once Human. Follow missions, build a garage, and master repair techniques.

In the world of Once Human, transportation is key to survival and exploration. The bike is one of the first vehicles players can acquire, offering a quick and efficient way to navigate the game’s terrain. This guide will walk through the process of obtaining your first bike and keeping it in top condition.

How to Get a Bike in Once Human?

Claire will reward you with your first Motorcycle after completing missions for her
Image Credits: GameWitted

The journey to getting your first Motorcycle begins right after the tutorial. Players should focus on completing the missions displayed on the left side of the screen. These missions serve as a guide, introducing various game mechanics and progressing the storyline.

As players follow the mission chain, they will encounter tasks involving:

  • Building structures and items
  • Exploring the game world
  • Attacking and looting a small fortress

After completing several missions Claire will reward you with your first Motorcycle. This typically occurs about an hour into the game, depending on your pace.

Once the bike is obtained, players can spawn it by:

  1. Pressing the ‘G’ key
  2. Clicking on the bike in the menu that appears

To mount or dismount the bike, players should use the ‘F’ key. It’s important to note that while the bike provides faster travel, it’s not indestructible.

How to Repair Your Bike in Once Human?

_Repairing Your motorcycle in Once Human requires garage
Image Credits: GameWitted

To maintain and repair the bike, players need to construct a garage. This process involves:

  1. Researching garage technology
  2. Creating a suitable floor foundation
  3. Placing the garage structure on the foundation

Repairing the bike can be costly, especially in the early game. Players should ensure they have enough resources before attempting repairs. To initiate the repair process:

  1. Approach the garage computer
  2. Press ‘F’ to interact
  3. Select the ‘G’ option to repair

For players interested in personalizing their rides, the garage also provides skin customization options. While these cosmetic changes don’t affect performance, they allow for personal expression within the game world.