Pokedle Answers Today: Wednesday June 05

Bilal |  Published: June 05, 2024

Get today’s Pokedle answers for Classic, Card, Description, and Silhouette categories. Updated daily to help you guess the right Pokémon.

The Pokedle game main menu. Have you ever wanted a daily Pokémon guessing game? Good news! The creators of LoLdle have expanded their offerings with the new Pokedle game. This daily game challenges you to guess Pokémon based on various hints. To ensure you’re always correct, we’ve compiled this daily Pokedle answers guide.

Pokedle Answers for June 05

Pokedle Answer June 05

To start playing Pokedle, visit the official Pokedle website. On the webpage, you’ll see the game’s menu displayed above.

This menu offers four categories: Classic, Card, Description, and Silhouette, each providing unique clues for you to solve. Below we have given all Pokedle answers:

Classic AnswerMagmar
Card AnswerGastly
Description AnswerGrimer
Silhouette AnswerKangaskhan
All Answers for Pokedle

To answer questions in each category, type in the Pokémon’s name. The Pokémon will appear in the dropdown menu; select it and submit your answer successfully.

When Does Pokedle Reset?

For dedicated Pokedle players, staying updated on when the questions change is crucial to keep the game exciting. Here’s the Pokedle daily refresh schedule:

Every day at 06:00 UTC, Pokedle resets, all clue categories are updated with a new Pokémon to guess.

So, if you’re a committed Pokedle fan, look forward to a fresh batch of challenges and clues each day at the same time. It’s a great way to test your Pokémon knowledge and enjoy the game’s variety.