Rise of the Ronin: Those Who Know Shoin Quest Guide

ruekuma |  Published: April 08, 2024

Master the strategies to rescue Master Shoin from the Shogunate in Rise of the Ronin with our Those Who Know Shoin quest guide. 

Those Who Know Shoin quest sets out the expulsionist group at the Sakura Inn to devise a plan to rescue Shoin and unveil his fate. This comprehensive guide breaks down the steps of this pivotal Those Who Know Shoin quest in Rise of the Ronin.

Those Who Know Shoin Quest Guide in Rise of the Ronin

Those Who Know Shoin quest starts right after the completion of both Yokohama’s Shadow quest and Cultural Exchange quest in Rise of the Ronin.

The story begins as word reaches the Sakura Inn that Master Shoin has been captured and sentenced to execution by the Shogunate. Fumi Sugi, Shoin’s younger sister, enlists a group to orchestrate a rescue attempt. With time running short, the team must quickly devise the best approach to infiltrate the prison complex and free Shoin.

Step 1: Talk to Ryoma at the Sakura Inn

Talk to Ryoma at the Sakura Inn
Team Ninja

Those Who Know Shoin quest kicks off as you return to the Sakura Inn and speak with Ryoma in Rise of the Ronin. He shares the distressing news about Shoin’s capture and impending execution. Fumi, Shoin’s sister, is introduced, and she pleads for your help in saving her brother.

Ryoma expresses concerns about Fumi’s safety, particularly in the dangerous Chinatown district, and tasks you with accompanying her there to search for Shinsaku Takasugi, another key figure in the anti-shogunate movement.

Step 2: Tail Fumi Sugi and Head to Chinatown

Tail Fumi Sugi and Head to Chinatown
Team Ninja

Follow the objective marker on your map to the Chinatown district of Yokohama. As you navigate the winding alleys, you’ll soon discover that Ryoma’s concerns were well-founded, as Fumi finds herself in peril. Sneak into the building where Fumi is being threatened by Kiheitai irregulars and eliminate the enemies before speaking with her.

Fumi reveals that she believes Shinsaku Takasugi, a close associate of Master Shoin, might be in Chinatown. Your task is to stealth your way through Chinatown, eliminating the Kiheitai militia and other threats along the way, until you finally locate Takasugi’s hideout.

Step 3: The Chinatown Kiheitai

The Chinatown Kiheitai
Team Ninja

After establishing a bond with Fumi Sugi and agreeing to help her find Shinsaku Takasugi in Chinatown, your next objective is to navigate the dangerous backstreets and take down the Kiheitai militia that has been causing trouble in the district.

The Kiheitai militia is a formidable group, often wielding oxtail blades, polearms, and bayonets. However, they also have a dangerous tactic of tossing explosive earthenware balls that can detonate after a short duration. Fortunately, you can take advantage of this by deflecting their tosses to ignite your own weapon and deal increased damage.

Finding Takasugi

The Chinatown Kiheitai
Team Ninja

As you make your way through Chinatown, you’ll need to be vigilant and use stealth to your advantage. The area is filled with roaming Kiheitai thugs, including some formidable foes, as well as a sniper keeping watch from the rooftops.

Bringing allies can provide valuable support during the confrontation with the Kiheitai militia and the eventual battle against Shinsaku Takasugi. As for possible allies to take with you, you have several options:

  • Jules Brunet
  • Matthew Perry
  • Yasusuke Sawamura
  • Gonzo
Finding Takasugi
Team Ninja

Be sure to keep an eye out for the Veiled Edge Banners throughout the district, as these will allow you to rest and recuperate between engagements. Additionally, there are several small treasure chests scattered throughout the area, such as one hidden in an alley and another guarded by three Kiheitai in an open building.

One of the key locations in Chinatown is a large, open plaza surrounded by buildings. This area is heavily guarded, but you can use the rooftops and grappling hook to your advantage, sniping enemies from above and taking them out stealthily. Look for a broken balcony that will allow you to infiltrate one of the buildings and get closer to your objective.

Defeat Shinsaku Takasugi

Defeat Shinsaku Takasugi
Team Ninja

Eventually, you’ll reach Shinsaku Takasugi’s hideout, where you’ll need to confront the man himself. Takasugi is a skilled and unpredictable opponent, wielding a variety of weapons and employing a unique combat style. Shinsaku Takasugi’s significant attacks are:

  • Blue Storm: A polearm slam followed by a ground-shaking shockwave, often paired with grenade throws.
  • Crouching Dragon: Throws grenades before executing a quick, vertical slash, dealing significant ki damage.
  • Bamboo Splitter: Charges up energy to deliver a powerful overhead strike when wielding a katana.
  • Serpent Skewer: Follows grenade tosses with a charged piercing attack, rushing forward in a straight line with a katana.
  • Sweeping Spins: Advances while sweeping a polearm in large swings three times in a combo attack.
  • Blossom Blizzard: Tosses a flurry of paper-like projectiles and teleports to the opponent’s side for a quick counterattack when using a katana.
  • Rising Slash Combo: Rushes forward, delivering a series of upward katana slices, culminating in a delayed downward cut.

To defeat Takasugi, carefully observe his attack patterns and find openings to strike. His explosive grenades can be a significant threat, so try to parry them or dodge them to avoid being caught off guard. When he switches to his katana, be prepared for his more agile and unpredictable movements.

Once Takasugi is defeated, he will acknowledge your skill and reveal the role he plays in the anti-shogunate movement.


Rewards for Defeating Shinsaku Takasugi
Team Ninja

For completing the Chinatown Kiheitai mission, you can expect the following rewards:

  • Oxtail Blade
  • Revolver Mk. II
  • Clasp Hands 1 Emote
  • Chinese Calligraphy Scroll
  • Silver Coins x3 (Optional)

Step 4: Return to the Sakura Inn

Finding a way into the prison
Team Ninja

After your confrontation with Takasugi, head back to the Sakura Inn to regroup with the others. Ryoma, Katsura, and Genzui are all present, and they engage in a discussion about the best approach to infiltrate the prison and rescue Master Shoin.

Finding a way into the prison

You’ll be given the choice to recommend one of three strategies: 

  • Genzui’s direct assault on the front gate (Infiltrate the Prison Complex)
  • Shinsaku’s plan to bribe a guard (The Manhunt)
  • Ryoma’s plan to use a nearby watchtower (Watchtower Repairs).

Watchtower Repairs Side Quest

Watchtower Repairs Side Quest in Rise of the Ronin Those Who Know Shoin quest
Team Ninja

If you choose to recommend Ryoma’s plan to use a nearby watchtower to glide over the prison walls, you’ll need to complete a brief side quest to repair the broken ladder leading up to the tower.

This side quest, called Watchtower Repairs, will have you travel to a wooded area in the Yoshida-Shinden region to retrieve some Resinous Wood. Once you’ve gathered the necessary materials, you can return to the foreman near the watchtower and have them repair the ladder, allowing you to use the elevated vantage point to your advantage during the prison infiltration.

Rewards for Completing Watchtower Repairs Side Quest
Team Ninja

The rewards for completing the Watchtower Repairs side quest include:

  • Hawk Netsuke Charm
  • Plum Blossom and Speckled Vase
  • Endurance Remedy
  • Beast Hide x5

The Manhunt Side Quest

If you choose to recommend Shinsaku’s plan to bribe a guard to create an opening, you’ll need to complete this side quest called The Manhunt.

For this side quest, you’ll need to track down and eliminate a pair of escaped prisoners that the guard is looking for. The first fugitive can be found in the slums, guarded by a group of bandits, while the second is located across the river near Yoshida-Shinden, accompanied by a watchdog.

Once you’ve taken down one or both of the fugitives and collected the required proof, you can return to the guard and provide the evidence, earning their cooperation to secure an alternate entry point into the prison.

The rewards for completing The Manhunt side quest include:

  • Medicine Case
  • Iris Ceramic Vase
  • Power Remedy
  • Iron Ore x5

Regardless of which approach you choose, the ultimate goal remains the same: infiltrate the prison complex and rescue Master Shoin.

Each side quest provides a unique opportunity to gain an advantage, so carefully consider the options and choose the strategy that best suits your playstyle and the resources at your disposal.

Step 5: Infiltrate the Prison Complex

Infiltrate the Prison Complex in Rise of the Ronin Those Who Know Shoin quest
Team Ninja

Main objectives: navigate the well-guarded grounds, eliminate threats, and make your way to Master Shoin’s cell.

Your starting point for infiltrating the prison complex will depend on the approach you chose during the meeting at the Sakura Inn:

  • Genzui’s frontal assault: You’ll start on the eastern side of the prison complex, facing the main gate.
  • Shinsaku’s bribery approach: You’ll begin on the western side, entering through a hidden sewer entrance.
  • Ryoma’s watchtower plan: You’ll start on the western side, prepared to glide over the walls.

Allies can provide valuable support and unique combat abilities to aid you in the confrontation with Kimenzan and the subsequent rescue of Master Shoin. As for possible allies to bring with you, you have several options:

  • Shinsaku Takasugi
  • Kogoro Katsura
  • Ryoma Sakamoto
  • Genzui Kusaka
  • Gonzo

As you explore the prison complex, keep an eye out for the Veiled Edge Banners. These serve as checkpoints, allowing you to rest and recuperate between engagements.

Throughout the prison complex, you’ll find several small and large treasure chests containing valuable resources, such as decorative weapons, ammunition, and crafting materials. Be sure to search the area thoroughly to gather all the loot you can.

The Annex Building

Prisoner in Annex Building
Team Ninja

Regardless of your starting point, one of the first areas you’ll need to navigate is the prison annex building on the western side of the complex. This long, multi-story structure is heavily guarded, with patrolling enemies and alert systems you’ll need to bypass.

As you make your way through the annex, you can speak to a prisoner who will inform you that Master Shoin has been moved to the large building in the center of the complex. Another prisoner will mention a key that a guard on the other side of the grounds possesses, which you’ll need to access Shoin’s cell.

Securing the Prison Gate Key

Securing the Prison Gate Key
Team Ninja

To reach the guard with the key, you’ll need to navigate past the northern edge of the annex building, where you’ll find a ladder leading up to an alarm bell. Quietly eliminate the guard stationed here to prevent them from raising the alarm.

Continue south towards the large stone path, where you’ll find a medium-sized building with two guards inside. Eliminate them and search the rooms to find a bag of valuable loot.

Outside, climb the ladder with the alarm bell and use it to grapple to the nearby rows of small huts. This will allow you to stay above the wandering guard and his dog, and you can assassinate them from above as needed.

Head through an arch in the southwest corner and across a path to find another long building, where the formidable guard with the Prison Gate Key is stationed. You can grapple to the roof from the eastern side and drop down on him for a surprise attack.

Once the guard is defeated, take the Prison Gate Key and light the second Veiled Edge Banner in the area. While you could now return to the stone path and open the gate, there are a few more enemies to deal with.

Preparing for Kimenzan

Preparing for Kimenzan
Team Ninja

From the Veiled Edge Banner, grapple up to the wall and hop over the north side to find an open area with three white storerooms. You’ll find two bags of loot (and a guard watching them) in the ones by the eastern wall, as well as a large treasure chest in the last storeroom.

After securing the treasure, grapple up to the roof of the storeroom and look for a path running from the locked gate to the front gate. A formidable foe and his dog wait here, along with a single patrolling guard. Be wary when engaging this group, as the formidable foe may use a flaming whetstone to make the fight even more challenging.

With the area secured, you can now use the Prison Gate Key to unlock the gate and proceed towards the large building where Master Shoin is being held.

Defeat Kimenzan the Crusher

Defeat Kimenzan the Crusher
Team Ninja

The final obstacle standing between you and Master Shoin’s cell is Kimenzan the Crusher. This hulking, brutish boss wields a massive club and employs a variety of powerful attacks. Kimenzan the Crusher’s significant attacks are:

  • Rapid Slams: Kimenzan will begin a flurry of downward club slams, culminating in a delayed, powerful strike.
  • Rushing Low Sweep: Charging forward, Kimenzan will swing his club in a sweeping low attack that can launch projectiles.
  • Sumo Hug: After discarding his weapon, Kimenzan will attempt to grab and toss you in a powerful sumo-style technique.
  • Sumo Stomp: Unarmed, Kimenzan can perform a series of quick palm thrusts followed by a massive stomping attack.
  • Sumo Tackle: Crouching low with arms crossed, Kimenzan will suddenly charge forward to grab and suplex you.
  • Bludgeoning Combo: A basic combo of two side-to-side swings followed by an overhead strike.
  • Palm Strike Flurry: When unarmed, Kimenzan can unleash a rapid series of alternating palm strikes.

To defeat Kimenzan, you’ll need to carefully study his movements and find opportunities to strike. Parry his attacks to build up your own Ki and look for openings to land powerful blows. Ranged attacks and status effects like poison can also help whittle down his formidable health.

Once Kimenzan has been defeated, you’ll obtain the Prison Cell Key, allowing you to progress to Master Shoin’s cell.

Free Master Shoin

Rise of the Ronin Those Who Know Shoin
Team Ninja

With Kimenzan defeated and the Prison Cell Key in hand, you can finally reach Master Shoin’s cell. However, to your surprise, Shoin refuses to leave, believing that his death will serve as a catalyst to unite the people and inspire them to shape the future of Japan.

Reluctantly, you must accept his wishes and retrieve a letter he has written for his sister, Fumi.


Rewards for Completing Infiltrate the Prison Complex mission in Rise of the Ronin Those Who Know Shoin quest
Team Ninja

For completing the Infiltrate the Prison Complex mission, you can expect the following rewards:

  • Decorative Rifle
  • Rifle Bullet x6
  • Flaming Whetstone
  • Black Sand Steel x2
  • Silver Coin x3 (Optional)

Step 6: Escape from the Prison

Escape from the Prison in Rise of the Ronin Those Who Know Shoin Quest
Team Ninja

With no other choice but to honor Shoin’s request, you must now find a way to escape the prison complex.

Follow the underground tunnels to reach the moat outside the walls, and then make your way back to the Sakura Inn to regroup with the others.

Step 7: Escort Fumi to Safety

Escort Fumi to Safety
Team Ninja

As you exit the prison, you’ll be ambushed by a group of Shogunate assassins intent on stopping you. Protect Fumi as you fight your way through the streets, fending off the relentless attacks.

Once you reach the Sakura Inn, a somber scene unfolds as the group learns of Shoin’s refusal to flee and the capture of Fumi by the Blue Demon.

Completing Those Who Know Shoin Quest in Rise of the Ronin

Completing Those Who Know Shoin Quest in Rise of the Ronin
Team Ninja

With Shoin’s fate sealed and Fumi’s capture, the group decides to head to Edo, the seat of the Shogunate, to confront the impending execution and rescue Fumi.

The end of Those Who Know Shoin quest marks the beginning of the next major story mission in Rise of the Ronin: Those Who Gather at Edo.


  • What are the key objectives in Those Who Know Shoin quest in Rise of the Ronin?
    • Rescuing Master Shoin from the prison complex, confronting Shinsaku Takasugi in Chinatown, and escorting Fumi Sugi to safety.
  • What are the different approaches to infiltrating the prison?
    • Genzui’s frontal assault, Shinsaku’s bribery plan, or Ryoma’s watchtower infiltration method.
  • Who are the bosses in Those Who Know Shoin quest?
    • Shinsaku Takasugi and Kimenzan the Crusher.